Awaken the Athlete Within

Do you wake up excited to move your body, knowing your training is your favorite part of the day? Or do you dread another beat-down that leaves you burned out and wondering why you do this to yourself?


Revival Strength honors the journey of every athlete, from sponsored competitors to weekend warriors. Runners. Cyclists. Bodybuilders. Pregnant and masters athletes. We help find your “why” and reconnect to your passion for fitness. Then we support that with programming designed just for you.

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We offer individual coaching, both onsite and remote, as well as an online group program with limited enrollment. Get 3 days of programming for free and be the first to know when new openings and programs are available.

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Three Ways to Train

Individual Design

  • Personalized programming for your goals, lifestyle, nutrition, and approach
  • Accountability, support, and 1:1 relationship with caring coaches who want you to succeed and enjoy your training
  • Train alongside others at our San Rafael, CA facility, or remotely worldwide
  • For athletes of all abilities and backgrounds
  • 12-month commitment for maximum impact; where will you be in your fitness a year from now?
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Online Group Program

  • Online group training program using functional bodybuilding and accessory movements
  • Improve strength, balance, and comfort across a variety of movements and positions
  • Slower tempos and less intensity for greater movement quality and a chance to fix poor patterns
  • Scalable progressions for a variety of athletes
  • 12 weeks of training that builds on itself
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Personal Training

  • Highly individualized sessions in Marin County for dramatic improvement, motivation, and support
  • Learn new movements or correct problematic ones with an emphasis on safety and form
  • Great for experienced athletes working on specifics as well as those new to fitness
  • Real-time feedback for immediate improvement
  • Available as an add-on to Individual Design in single sessions, or in longer-term packages
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About Revival Strength

Revival Strength was founded by Marcus Filly to help clients from diverse fitness backgrounds fall in love with their training. Whether you get personalized individual training with one of our coaches locally in San Rafael, CA or remotely, or join our online group training program, we are here to support your fitness. Find out more about our coaches and contact us if you’d like to learn more about any of our programs.