2 Solid Days of Training

Happy to report that the last two days have gone well on the training front. My back held up to some tough lifting and my calf hasn’t been much of a problem. Not surprisingly my mood is lifting and I’m feeling much better on all fronts in my life. Since I didn’t post yesterday I’ll catch you up on the last couple days of training.

11.7.12 – Wednesday

Off 10hrs of sleep and a relaxed morning without any work. Great start to the day.

7am – Breakfast  – 1/2 Potato, Ketchup, 4 Eggs, Veggies, Decaf Coffee and Cream
10:30am – Training Part 1
*Pre Workout – Small Peets Coffee (caffeine)

A. Snatch high pull x3/Squat snatch x1; 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1; rest 2 min
165, 175, 185, 195, 205, 215, 225
B. 100 meter handstand walk for time
– 5:08
*Snatching felt great today. Knees, calf, back, all were in good form. I started light and worked my way up. With the high pulls I was pleased with my final life at 225. Walking on hands felt great and I was happy with unbroken sets most of the way. Did 10m at a time.
*PWO – Liquid Protein and Carbs



Training Part 2 – 1:30pm

For time:
75 KBS 2 pood
100 double unders
50 KBS 2 pood
75 double unders
25 KBS 2 pood
50 double unders
*KBS had to be approached in sets. The grip got extremely fatigued and in order to ensure I was going to be fast on the double unders I took necessary breaks in the swing. Fun. 


11.8.12 – Thursday

Another slower start to the day. Sleep in after 9hrs. Start off with similar breakfast to yesterday.

7am – Breakfast  – 1/2 Potato, Ketchup, 4 Eggs, Veggies, Decaf Coffee and Cream
*Careful with hot potatoes out of the oven covered in scorching olive oil. It will burn your lip.

Training Part 1 – 10am

30mins Flow – Full Snatch Technique @ 115#

Kept this session very low intensity. Practice positioning on my snatch set up. Tried to do about 1 rep a minute for the 30mins and make every single rep exactly the same. I did play around with moving my grip wider than normal. I’ve always been told that my grip is pretty narrow and I’ve hesitated to move it any wider since I’ve been pretty successful with Snatches. But I figured I’d give it a shot to see if it helps.

Training Part 2 – Noon

On the minute for 16 min:
Odd- 3 power snatch 185#
Even- 3 parallete hspu kipping
On the minute for 16 min:
Odd- 3 hang power clean 230#
Even- 6 ring dips
On the minute for 16 min:
Odd- 5 DL 335#
Even- 5 toes to bar
– Used Straps for DL


*So happy this went well and I completed everything. Was concerned how my back would hold up and it did fine. Tried to play with TnG Hang Power Cleans but I wasn’t confident I could do that. Gymnastic in these sessions are always a welcome break and feel much easier than the weightlifting.

Training Part 3 – Right after Part 2

AD 1 min @85% (394 build to 472)
AD 1 min Recovery (barely moving)
226 Avg Watts
669 Cals

*Nice to finish early and know that the rest of my day was free. Coached for 1 hour after this training session and then had the rest of the day to relax. Nice end to the training week. Going to rest up tomorrow and come back on Saturday and keep the momentum going.