3 years of the CrossFit Open

For the third consecutive year I have completed the CrossFit Open. I remember the first workout I ever did in the Open. Ten minutes of 30 Double unders and 15 Power snatches. Complete as many reps as possible. I was in the San Rafael gym and Yago and I bumped fists, I wore my striped blue lulu shorts, and I dug deep in front of lots of clients and friends. At the end I had about 7 rounds + 13 Snatches and I was on the floor writhing in discomfort. Before I was nervous but had no idea what this whole CrossFit Open thing would turn out to be. After that workout TJ and I drove down to the Mayflower and had a St. Patty’s corned beef special and drank a beer. The next day I got on a plane with Yago and we flew to San Diego and attend a life coaching CCP with James Fitzgerald. That evening we walked into CrossFit Invictus where their competitive team had just finished up doing the Open workout. I was pretty proud of my close to 8 rounds. I looked on the board at their gym and saw that someone had done about 9.5 rounds. I was in disbelief. I asked someone who this guy that just did 9.5 rounds was. They pointed to some guy on the other side of the gym. I must have said to myself “bullshit”. He was like 5’6″ and didn’t look like anything special. I probably thought to myself that I could crush this kid. His name was Josh Bridges. He turned out to be pretty legit. Fun memories.

The CrossFit Open is so much bigger that it was back then. More participants, more leaderboarding, more attention, more at stake, and more nerves. Now each workout brings with it tension, stress, excitement, and a level of intensity that is hard to match in normal training. It is five weeks of craziness. It challenges you to stay focused for 5 weeks. It challenges you to stay positive. It tests your emotional, physical, and mental strength. And in the end you are simply a number on a leaderboard. But we all know that so much more goes into it than just the results. Five weeks of bonding with the people at your gym. Countless conversations of “why the hell are we doing this?” Lots of tears and lots of laughter. Everyone probably says to themselves at some point, “why did I just do that?”. And at the end everyone has a shining moment. Hopefully we can all walk away remembering what that shining moment was and let it overshadow the pain.

Thanks to Dave Castro the final workout for the last 3 years has involved thrusters and C2B pull ups. Two of my strengths so my bright moment has been the last workout each year. My honest reflection on this most recent workout is that 13.5 was designed to my strengths. But with that comes pressure. I’m supposed to do well on these workouts. Two years ago I did 3 rounds for Time of 15 Thrusters @ 95# and 15 C2B pull ups. I did it unbroken in 2:58. I remember it very well. In the San Rafael gym with Kirby timing me. I’m stronger, faster, and have a bigger engine than back then. So when I saw the workout I just started thinking about how I could do 6 rounds in under 8mins. I visualized and planned for few hours and then let it rip. The result was that I made my goal of getting 6 rounds in under 8mins. The result was also that I didn’t have a plan after I reached the 8min mark with 180 reps. The outcome was 4 minutes at the end of the workout where you get to see me respond to pain in a very honest and unprepared way. The plan was to get there. There was no plan about what to do beyond that. And it shows….

ENJOY 213!!!

13.5 Infranity

Until next year…. CrossFit Open OUT!