About Revival Strength

Revival Strength was founded by Marcus Filly to help clients from diverse fitness backgrounds fall in love with their training. Whether you get personalized individual training with one of our coaches locally in San Rafael, CA or remotely, or join our online group training program, we are here to support your fitness. Find out more about our coaches and contact us if you’d like to learn more about any of our programs.


We are always looking for experienced coaches to join our growing team. For inquiries contact support@revival-strength.com. We are also hiring now for an administrative assistant.


Owner, Head Coach

Marcus grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. He played multiple sports as a child including soccer, baseball and golf, which eventually led to a collegiate career in soccer at the University of California, Berkeley. There he earned his degree in Molecular and Cell Biology with an emphasis in Nutrition and Physiology. After Berkeley he complete a year of graduate work at the Ohio State University School of Medicine.


His interest in both athletics and human health and performance eventually led him to CrossFit in 2007. He has gone on to compete at the CrossFit Games 6 times, three times as an individual (2016 12th fittest) and three times as a team member (2012 6th fittest team). Marcus is also the captain and member of the Phoenix Rise in the NPGL. For two years he has been voted to the all GRID league team, in 2016 earning 1st team honors, and in 2015 earning the award for leadership excellence.


Marcus has been a health and fitness coach for 8 years since leaving Medical School in 2009. He was formerly a CrossFit facility owner for 5 years, has completed all 5 of the OPEX CCP courses, and has coached clients remotely from all over the world. He has coached athletes at the CrossFit Games as well as several Regionals athletes.


He lives with his wife Megan, and two daughters. He lists his parents, Barbara and Roy, as his role models and drive to succeed in life.


Honesty. Commitment. Persistence. Read more about Marcus’s story and how it all began.



Shanna Guzman swam for the Terrapin Swim Team in Concord as an age group swimmer and through high school. She went on to compete for Southern Methodist University and later transferred to University of San Diego and finished her college swimming. Post college she competed in olympic distance Triathlon, Master’s Swimming for The Olympic Club, and competed in marathons. As a Master’s swimmer she won a world Championship in the 200m Back in 2006 and multiple national titles from 2006-2012.  She also qualified and ran in the Boston Marathon in 2013. In 2016 she started her journey as a Master’s athlete in CrossFit.


Shanna’s background in coaching fitness stems back to 2004 when she first got her NASM Personal Trainer Certification. In Santa Cruz, she began coaching through personal training and group fitness classes at Optimal Health and Fitness.  At that time she coached age group swimming for Santa Cruz County Aquatics and Masters Swimming at Simpkins Swim Center. In 2010, she made her move to San Francisco and continued her personal training and coaching at Breakaway Performance. She soon came across the sport of fitness at TJs Gym in Mill Valley and had started to implement CrossFit for her own training in endurance sports. In 2012, she began her career as a coach in the sport of fitness. She continues to do personal training and individual program design for athletes that have a variety of goals, including competitive CrossFit. She is currently enrolled in the OPEX Coaches Certification Program where she gains new perspectives on program design, nutrition, and lifestyle.


Misbah Haque is the creator and host of The Airborne Mind Show, a podcast that broadcasts conversations with thought leaders in the fitness industry to thousands of listeners. He applies the qualities of curiosity and depth of connection that he uses in his interviews to his coaching clients as well, blending art and science into a deep relationship that serves to optimize his athletes’ potential.

In 2014, Misbah sustained a back injury that emotionally and mentally sidelined him from his training, as well as daily tasks. He remembers the pain he used to get from simple movements like getting out of the car. He realized that sustainability and longevity meant continuing to be resilient, durable, and steadily improving with a bigger picture in mind. He then went down the rabbit hole of learning about movement, and developed a drive to talk to top coaches, athletes and anyone who was willing to offer a new lens to expand his thinking.

Misbah loves to use his creativity to recognize patterns, link ideas together, and see how aspects of his athletes’ lives are connected. By sparking curiosity in others, Misbah inspires a holistic approach to health, wellness, and fulfillment that optimizes overall performance in life and fosters a sense of trust and connectedness through coaching.


OPEX CCP Journey
USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Crossfit Adaptive Coach
NESTA Sport Yoga Instructor
Professional Member of International Society of Sports Nutrition
Invictus Coaching Internship
Over 2,500 hrs of coaching experience


Keith DeNinno has been involved with athletics his entire life.  He has participated in multiple sports growing up, finally latching onto soccer in high school and through college.  He graduated from Penn State with a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology in 2010.  Yet his passion for sports and fitness never dwindled.  After a few short years of working full time in Engineering and part time coaching in a CrossFit® facility, he finally had the opportunity to make the switch to full time coach in 2015.

With his background in Engineering, Keith can’t help but to take an analytical approach to coaching.  As an Engineer, he was trained to be a problem solver.  He never settles for not having an answer, therefore he prides himself on his determination to find the answer and solve the problem.  He is constantly keeping himself up to date with the latest research and health and fitness information.  However, the core of his success comes from his burning passion to help others through the world of health and fitness.  He is interested in connecting with clients on any fitness journey!


OPEX CCP Level 1
Precision Nutrition Level 1
IYCA High School Strength and Conditioning Specialist (HSSCS)
IYCA Long Term Athlete Development
FMS Level 1
Olympic Lifting seminar with Don McCauley
CrossFit® Level 1 (expired)


Anthony Mihelich enjoyed a variety of sports in his youth and began weight training in high school. Despite not being the strongest, fastest, or most athletic, it “clicked” that by putting in the right work, the results showed up — without question. This gave Anthony the confidence and drive to pursue further athletic challenges in high school and college, participating in football, lacrosse, and wrestling. Collegiate sports allowed Anthony to fine tune his athletic skill set such as proper mechanics and injury prevention. Eager to broaden his knowledge base, he began assisting a physical therapist in order to deepen his understanding of physiology and human anatomy.


After a few devastating knee injuries in high school and college resulting in multiple surgeries, Anthony was convinced he would never participate in competitive sports or even intense physical training ever again. He was then introduced to CrossFit in the spring of 2014 by a close friend, where he instantly wanted to join in the fun, but was initially concerned with the amount of volume after injury. To his surprise he felt instant relief after struggling with pain for years. He then understood experientially that, when performed properly, CrossFit could not only prevent injury, but also rehabilitate any and all injuries suffered outside and actually support your ability to function optimally in the real world.


During a period of travel in Southeast Asia, Anthony landed in Koh Tao, Thailand, where he began coaching part time in exchange for membership at a small CrossFit gym. Through helping grow the membership by creating a better client experience, Anthony discovered his love of being of service to others. Anthony wants to focus his complete attention on helping his clients achieve their goals through nutritional and lifestyle guidance and an emphasis on technique. He says, “Nothing is more satisfying to me than seeing an individual surpass their own thoughts of what is possible and becoming more physically and emotionally stronger than they have ever imagined.”


OPEX CCP Level 1 Coach (In Progress)
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
CrossFit Endurance Trainer w/ Brian McKenzie
CrossFit Mobility Trainer w/ Kelly Starrett
USA Weightlifting Certified
Yin Yoga Certified w/ Debi Daly
First AID & AED


Brianna Lamb is a two time CrossFit Games Regionals Affiliate Competitor and former NCAA All-Conference Division 1 Rower. Brianna grew up in Marin County and began her athletic journey at a young age, playing basketball and swimming at a national level. She started rowing for Marin Rowing Association her junior year of high school and earned a full ride scholarship to row for the University of San Diego. She was an All-Conference Varsity 8+ rower for all four years, earning 3 Conference Championship titles and the first berth in NCAA Championships in school history, where they took 15th place in the nation. Brianna took 8th place in the NorCal Region of the 2017 CrossFit Open and competed in the Affiliate Division of the CrossFit Games Regionals in 2016 and 2017. Brianna is currently training for her first individual appearance in the CrossFit Games and is coached by Mike Lee, General Manager and Head of Coaching at OPEX. 


Through Brianna’s competitive journey, she developed a passion for supporting others in reaching their goals both in and out of the gym. In 2014, upon graduating from the USD, she began personal training and coaching group fitness classes at TJ’s Gym. In 2015, Brianna moved to Honolulu to compete for CrossFit 808. During this time, she expanded her own remote coaching business which included life coaching, nutritional guidance and program design. She is currently enrolled in the OPEX Coaches Certification Program and continues to coach both remotely and on-site at Revival Strength. 



OPEX CCP Candidate
CrossFit-Level 1 Trainer
CrossFit Weightlifting Coach
CrossFit Adaptive Coach
First Aid & AED


Lane Gard grew up playing an array of sports such as baseball, basketball, swim, and water polo. Lane would eventually excel in both water polo and basketball in high school and enjoyed the hard work and team camaradery that came with the two sports. After completing high school, where he earned several awards for his athletic accomplishments, he contemplated playing collegiate water polo, but instead joined the United States Marine Corps in December of 2005. While in the Marine Corps, Lane would be selected to a special unit that was responsible for the physical security of the President of the United States. He would also become a pistol and rifle instructor, a Marine Corps Martial Arts Instructor, and was responsible for the training and well-being of hundreds of Marines.

Shortly after leaving the Marine Corp in 2009, Lane would begin his journey as a high school basketball coach, where he enjoyed guiding and teaching others. It was during a friendly basketball scrimmage against his own players that left him bent over and gasping for air, which then helped him realize that he needed to increase his level of fitness. Thereafter, Lane walked into his first CrossFit gym, and began his life in functional fitness. Lane has always known that he wanted to guide and teach others as he had done in the past, and with his new found knowledge of functional fitness, it set forth a new path that would allow him to continue to do so.

Since 2010 Lane has continued his coaching journey through continued education by accomplishing both CrossFit level 1 and 2, completing the USAW Sports Performance course, and progressing through the OPEX CCP Level 1. Lane had also gained valuable experience when he partnered to open a CrossFit facility for over two years, and ultimately decided that individual design could best help those looking to live their best lives through life coaching, nutritional guidance and program design. Lane was so convinced that he could make a positive impact on the lives of others with individual design, that he packed all of his belongings into his car and moved from Southern California up to beautiful San Rafael when given the opportunity to work at Revival Strength.

OPEX CCP Level 1 Coach (In Progress)
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
USA Weightlifting Sports Performance (2012)



Marketing Director, Partner

Satya has an extensive background in web development, online programs, and marketing, and has worked for Charles Schwab, Red Hat, and Nokia among others, forming her own freelance business in 2003. Seeking a way to combine work with her personal passion for fitness, she joined Revival Strength in 2016 to co-develop and market Awaken Training Series, and has evolved her role to support marketing, program development, and operations for Revival Strength as well as Functional Bodybuilding. Satya has two sons and holds a 4th degree black belt in kung fu.


Video, Photography, and Social Media Manager

Bio coming soon.


Director, Interpersonal Communication and Self Development

Megan is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice in Marin County. She specializes in working with couples and individuals striving to strengthen their relationships. At Revival Strength, she has the opportunity to join her two greatest passions: fitness and relationships. Megan works with the coaching team at Revival Strength on communication skills, personal and professional development, and on building techniques for supporting their clients through all of life’s challenges. Her training in psychology and human behavior change are essential elements of her approach to education and development of the coaches at Revival Strength.

She is deeply aligned with the Revival Strength philosophy that health and fitness are lifelong journeys best pursued with a coach who understands the full picture of being human. She believes that we cannot support others without supporting ourselves: Megan is honored to have the opportunity to support Revival Strength coaches to be the best versions of themselves, so that they can help their clients be the best versions of themselves.

Through decades of exploration in many different fitness realms, from soccer to swimming to gymnastics, she discovered the sport of fitness in 2009 and has been a dedicated student ever since. She began coaching Crossfit in 2011, both in groups and individually, and found a unique way to blend her passion for personal growth with her love of movement, health and body-centered therapies.  Her commitment to functional medicine, mental health and functional fitness found a home at Revival Strength where a holistic approach to health is the standard of care.

Megan is also the co-founder of The Unfiltered Human with Revival Strength coach Misbah Haque. Together, they created, “The Art and Science of Connection,” an online course designed for fitness coaches to learn how to most effectively connect with their clients. You can learn more at theunfilteredhuman.com and you can hear their podcast, The Unfiltered Human, through their website or on Apple Podcasts.