AM Testing Sat 8/25 – Seattle

Good Morning!
I’m up in Seattle for the weekend. While here I’m getting a couple testers done for my coach.

Wake: 5:45
Greens First/Max Fibre: 5:50
Coffee/Heavy Cream: 6:15

AM Testing: 7:45am
5 Rounds
5 Power Snatch (155#)
14 Pistols (alternated)
Time – 7:15


Snatches ended up being singles after the 2 round. HSPU were’t too bad. Fell of the wall once in the last round. Pistols crushed my legs. First real pistols I’ve done in testing/training since Regionals. Quads are on fire as I stand here and write this.

Im nursing a bit of a back injury right now. It is a lingering thing from Games prep this summer. It has gotten very close to a full comeback. However, the last week has brought an extra amount of stress. Organizing a lifestyle/nutrition challenge at my gym, starting a new program for the Tam High School Basketball team with 30 kids 3 days a week, along with the normal business and training stresses. Toss a little bit of travel with airplanes, lines, rental cars, and a new sleeping location and you have a recipe for some aches. But being in the gym this AM helped to feel a bit better. Jordan Holland of Xplore CrossFit was kind enough to let us crash his gym this AM alone before classes started. Amazing location downtown Seattle if you are ever in the area.

Back this PM for another session. Mental ass kicker (60min max meters row).