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Take your movement awareness to the next level with this hands-on deep dive into the “why” behind Awaken Training Series. Learn more about what went into the design of the program and its progressions, with homework assignments to give you practice applying the principles yourself. As you train with Awaken Training Series, this add-on program will give you new insights into using Functional Bodybuilding for your own athletic development, or for your clients if you are a coach.

Each week during the program, you will receive a private video where Marcus Filly, creator of Awaken Training Series, will share an overview of that week’s movement progression. You will understand how and why each movement progression builds upon itself, using Functional Bodybuilding training techniques. Expand your movement vocabulary and learn how the ingredients of tempo training at different speeds and loads, variations of bilateral and unilateral movements, and conditioning pieces using different pacing and intent can combine for maximum impact without burnout and overtraining. You will also learn what to look for when coaching others such as common positioning errors, scaling recommendations, and practical considerations.

Weekly homework will be personally reviewed by Marcus, and he will also host a monthly live Zoom meeting to answer your questions and go through case studies related to the educational materials provided (recorded for convenience).


  • Weekly videos with Marcus Filly
  • Homework assignments and assessments reviewed by Marcus
  • Monthly Zoom meeting with Marcus (recorded)
  • Note: Does NOT include Awaken Training Series


This program is designed as an add-on to any Awaken Training Series cycle or Functional Bodybuilding group program subscription. Please contact us if you would like to participate but are not currently enrolled in either program.

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