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For Awaken Training Series participants who have completed both 1 and 2, a new 12-week progression cycle will begin on April 5. Here’s an overview of what’s ahead:

Use Your True Power

In ATS 1, you embraced a new way to train and progressed through fundamentals of positioning, unilateral and bilateral strength, and building up your conditioning base. In ATS 2, you were challenged with new progressions and positions (including upside down), and working up to longer conditioning with a range of pacing. Now you’ll get a chance to express the true power you’ve been building with efforts in the 15-25 second time domain. In other words, now that your positions are developed, you are ready for short bursts of pure fire.

Squat for Speed AND Strength

The 3.1 program will include new progressions to keep driving your absolute strength forward, returning to the back squat. This will be supported with variations to support your single leg balance, reinforcing the movement as a whole. You will also have one tempo day and one speed day in your squatting program, allowing your body to adapt to different loads and speeds.

Breathe and Move


Each week, you will also find more purely aerobic sessions that will stick to lower complexity movements to encourage more transitions, sustained breathing, and aerobic development. We will also be partnering with Dr. Teddy Willsey (@strengthcoachtherapy) to introduce new movements for activation, recovery, and injury prevention exclusively for Awaken Training Series participants. As both a Physical Therapist and strength and conditioning coach, Teddy works with athletes in a variety of different capacities, from individual rehab and conditioning to team training.

You will receive:

  • 12 weeks of TrueCoach access for workouts, demos, and to record your results
  • Daily workout email to save for when the program ends
  • Access to a Revival Strength coach for your questions viaTrueCoach
  • 5 days of programming per week including warmup and workout
  • 2 days of rest day homework per week including recovery and lifestyle support
  • Community Facebook Group
  • Special 3 Day Bonus Training when you register by Wednesday, March 31 at 5pm Pacific.

Price: $199 USD for 12 weeks of progressive programming, or bundle Awaken Training Series 3 & 4 and save $23