August 28th, Rest Day

Rest Days are great days to get prepped for the upcoming training days. You can accomplish this by doing some active recovery, spending extra time doing mobility, prepping your food for the next few days of training, and finding some extra time to rest and get off your feet. 

My day looked like this. 

6:15am – Wake
6:30am – Greens/Fibre Shake
7:00am – Coffee + Heavy Cream
7:30am – Bacon and Fritata w/ onions and tomatoes
12:15pm – Mid-Day Snack (protein shake w/ mac nuts)
12:30pm – 30min Airdyne easy (125bpm/avg)
1:00pm – Rolling and Stretching for 10-20mins
3:30pm – Half Roasted Chicken w/ Potatoes
6:30pm – Roasted Carrots w/ 2 Beef/Pork Sausage

Tomorrow I have a double training day that starts at 7am. 
Part 1. 
5 Sets
3 Front Squats @ 80-90% effort; rest 20sec
25 COVP Pull Ups: rest 5mins

Part 2
400m Run
50 KBS (2pood)
150 Double Unders
50 KBS (1.5pood)
400m Run
*Going to do this one at the local high school track tomorrow afternoon. I’ll post results tomorrow.