August 31st – Rest Day

4:45am – Wake
5:00am – Greens/Fibre/Probiotic/Fish Oil
5:15am – Coffee (decaf)/Heavy Cream
5:45am-12:15pm – coaching and consults
* Snuck a breakfast in of bacon and fritata at 7:45am

12:30am – Shoreline Coffee Shop with some down to earth servers and organic/grass fed ingredients
*2 Grass Fed Beef Patties, Avocado, Junction Salad – Delicious

1pm – Client – a truly committed athlete who approaches his sport with passion, hard work, and a great plan. Tempo Back Squats, Heavy single leg work, Upper body pushing, and some agility ladder work to improve his technical downhill running. Great time!

2:30pm – 90min Bike Ride on some rolling hills. Great to get out of the gym for a bit of sunshine.


6:00 – Food Preparation at the house
*Grill up lots of meat for the next several days (2 new strip steaks, 6 chicken sausages, 8 chicken breast for Southwestern Chicken Salad tomorrow night)
*Make Picnic Cole Slaw (in a food processor shred about 9 large carrots, 1/2 red cabbage, 1/2 green cabbage, 1/2 red onion, add homemade mayo dressing and mix)
*Cilantro Pesto for topping on eggs, meats, or just spoonfuls (cilantro, lime juice, blanched almonds, olive oil, S+P)
*That is how we get ready for the days to come.

Dinner was a sampling of all the tasty treats we made this evening. Add to that mixture some roasted carrots and beets and you have yourself about 10 reasons to be happy at the end of a long day of work.

8pm – and I’m off to bed soon. another great day coming