Awaken Hips and Scaps


Go light and awaken hips and scaps:

A1. 6-8 Half Kneeling Bottom Up KB Press/arm @ 3111 tempo; rest 30sec x 3
A2. 12 Lateral Band Walks; rest 30sec x 3
A3. 12 Scapular Push Ups on Elbows; rest 60sec x 3

It is a full body training day and that calls for the big movers, your hips and your shoulders, to be awake and prepared for training. The half kneeling position is great for stabilizing the hips and getting the athlete to turn on their glutes, as are lateral band walks. Bottoms up pressing along with scapular push ups are both terrific for scapular warm up. Give this one a shot today and keep loads light on the KB presses. Don’t be surprised if you are challenged with the lightest KB’s you have access to.

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For Max Load Unbroken Complete the Following:

5 Single arm KB Cleans
5 Single arm KB Rack Squats 
Single Arm KB Thrusters

Single Arm Kettlebell work always surprises me at how much it places a demand on the core. With the unilateral loading there is so much anti-rotational core work that takes place in order to maintain quality positions. Go for your best set today on each arm, notice any differences you may perceive side to side and also take note of how much your core has to work when things start to get heavy!