Awaken Masters 2


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What’s Ahead in Masters 2.0

Note: If you don’t have access to a full gym or similar equipment setup, see Persist¬†instead.

In ATS Masters 1.0 we wrapped up the 12-week training cycle by testing several of the foundational strength and conditioning principles from the training program. Some of the highlights of our previous 12-week build were:

  • Positional Olympic strength into a speed strength build – we ended by testing the 1RM Power Clean and Snatch
  • Horizontal pushing absolute strength in the form of Close Grip Bench Pressing
  • Single leg strength and double leg positional squat strength into Back Squat absolute strength
  • Aerobic power and anaerobic lactic endurance – we played on both ends of the conditioning spectrum with power work and longer enduring chippers.

Now we head into ATS Masters 2.0 and we are going to continue to lay down building blocks for your strength, progress skills, and leverage the last 12 weeks to help you continue to uncover new abilities in your fitness. Specifically, some of the areas we will unlock and focus on are:

  • Front Squat and Overhead Squat build – after a few weeks of increasing the time under tension with the Back Squat and working some squat endurance, we will shift focus heavily to these two positional strength squat lifts.
  • Overhead Lifting – we’ll continue to progress your overhead lifts with a journey into the jerk. A foundation of single-arm overhead lifting will still be in place, but we will start to see power jerks, pause jerks, and even unilateral DB jerks and push presses for strength development.
  • The Clean and the Snatch will still appear in the program, but there will be more of an emphasis on performing the movements in the complex. Complexes are great for movement refinement and for challenging you without having to GO HEAVY every day.
  • From a conditioning standpoint, I’m excited to see the continued development of your aerobic power through the use of more TIME PRIORITY training. 30sec efforts with 1:1 work rest. 3min Time Domains with 1:1 work rest as well.
  • Without making them a primary focus, we will explore some Muscle Up and HSPU still practice and have some fun without trashing your shoulders.

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