Awaken Nutrition

Add-On Option

See even more transformation from Awaken Training Series with the Awaken Nutrition add-on program. Available only to participants, this points-based program will help you create sustainable, healthy habits to support your training and provide energy throughout the day.

Fad diets come and go, but only consistency will keep you looking good and moving well over the long term. Counting macros works for some, but what happens when life gets hectic or you just want to get off the train of constantly tracking every bite?

As an experienced health and fitness coach as well as an athlete, Marcus Filly has personally worked with hundreds of clients who know they want to eat better, and just aren’t sure what will stick. Awaken Nutrition is based on a successful program that Marcus created for his clients to help them focus on the things that really matter to change body composition and feel great, and give them tools to use for a lifetime.

How Does It Work?

Awaken Nutrition is an extra program that will appear in your TrueCoach account alongside your Awaken Training Series workouts. Focusing on a few key elements, it works on a point system to help you track your success over time in meeting the goals of the program.

Rather than strict macro prescriptions, Awaken Nutrition encourages you to build healthy habits such as:

  • adequate hydration
  • improving the quality of your food
  • nutrient timing without hating life
  • supporting training and muscular development
  • enjoying your food so it becomes a pleasure rather than a chore

You will receive:

  • Add-on points program in TrueCoach to go with your workouts
  • Members-only access to food guidelines and suggestions
  • Educational videos with Marcus Filly
  • Access to Athlete Support coaches for general questions during the 12-week program (keep in mind that individualized nutrition prescriptions and advice are only available with our Individual Design program).
  • Join the Awaken Training Series Facebook group for accountability, community support, recipes, and more!