Revival Strength | Awaken Training Series 2.0
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Awaken Training Series 2.0

is only for participants who have completed 1.0. Please register for Awaken Training Series 1.0 if you are new to the program.


Registration is closed for Awaken Training Series until October 2018. Join the wait list and receive a free 3 Day Sample and Nutrition Guide:

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2.0: The Awakening Continues

Awaken Training Series 2.0 is the next step for participants who have been along for the journey of the past three months and want to continue to love your training. (If you are not in this group please start with 1.0 over here.) Functional bodybuilding can be a year-round base for training and supports health, strength, and performance. It builds transferable strength to the more dynamic movements found in other training methods and functional fitness programs. For a growing portion of the population, it serves as a way to train the way we love, functionally, while maintaining longevity and avoiding burnout. Here’s what you will see in the 2.0 program:

Begin at the Beginning: Heal and Adapt

You’ve sweated out lots of reps and lots of sets of foundational movements, intensifying toward the end – classic periodization. Now it’s time to reset and return to the beginning principles within a new cycle. This is critical for athletic development within training to avoid over stressing your body and give it a chance to heal and adapt.

New Splits, Body Parts, and Pairings

In 2.0, you’ll see different movement patterns on different days of the week and a focus on incorporating patterns that didn’t get a lot of attention in 1.0. Time to hit that Front Squat! The body part pairings will also change on several days of the week, and the conditioning pieces will have a slightly different look to them but will still be challenging and fun (it’s ok to admit it – we know you love the Assault Bike in that weird twisted way).

Olympic Lifting Patterns

Instead of Clean set ups and pulling as in 1.0, in 2.0 you will find Snatch set up and pulls. We will increase the Overhead Push Press/Jerk pattern and still have some good Clean complexes to work on. As before, you’ll get a mix of complexes, pauses, and training approaches that are slightly different than simply hitting the traditional lifts. We’re all about giving you touches on traditional movement patterns (push, pull, bend, and squat) in non-traditional ways. This allows you to develop awareness, activate and awaken muscles that may have been asleep, and be beginners again.

New Discoveries and Old Favorites

We are doing research all the time on exciting new ways to challenge ourselves through functional bodybuilding. As we uncover new movements we incorporate them into the Awaken Training Series programs. Be on the lookout for some new moves and revisiting some of the classics from your previous ATS experience.

As with 1.0, we’ll share answers to questions with the group on the website. You will continue to get programming and videos through Fitbot, including warm ups and rest day homework and inspiration to keep you tuned in to your “why.” We are so proud of all the 1.0 participants and can’t wait to train with you for the next three months.

New Partner Content

We will also be partnering with Dr. Teddy Willsey (@strengthcoachtherapy) to introduce new movements for activation, recovery, and injury prevention exclusively for Awaken Training Series participants. As both a Physical Therapist and strength and conditioning coach, Teddy works with athletes in a variety of different capacities, from individual rehab and conditioning to team training.

You will receive:

  • 12 weeks of progressive programming via Fitbot to record your results
  • Access to a Revival Strength coach for your questions via Fitbot
  • 5 days of programming per week including warmup and workout
  • 2 days of rest day homework per week including recovery and lifestyle support
  • Bonus content from Dr. Teddy Willsey, physical therapist and strength and conditioning coach
  • Community Facebook Group
  • New nutrition program available as an add-on option
  • Special 3 Day Bonus Training to start right away if you register before Wednesday, October 3 at 5pm Pacific!


Registration closes at 5pm Pacific on October 7 – Program starts October 8.


Price: $199 USD for 12 weeks of progressive programming, or bundle Awaken Training Series 2, 3, & 4 and save $48!