Revival Strength | Awaken Training Series 4.0
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Get functional bodybuilding tips and a free 3-day sample of Awaken Training Series:

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For Awaken Training Series participants who have completed the first three cycles, a new 12-week progression cycle will begin on July 8, 2019. Download a 3 Day Sample of 4.0 here! Here’s an overview of what’s coming up in Awaken Training Series 4.0:

Heavy Breathing Ahead

Now that you have developed aerobic capacity and power in the 3.0 program, you’re ready to perform more advanced gymnastic skills under heavy breathing. Put your fitness to the test with fun and challenging movement pairs.

Work Your Jerk

Develop your skill and speed with Jerk complexes, in addition to touch and go Olympic work that you are now ready for, having refined your movements patiently over the course of the year. Get ready for your dedication to translate into blistering speed under the bar and confidence in each lift from start to finish.

The Functional Bodybuilding Forefront

As both a coach and an athlete, Marcus Filly is constantly researching and innovating new progressions that develop your movement patterns with a focus on quality and efficiency. Feel the magic of Functional Bodybuilding with new kettlebell and dumbbell complexes, developing into single leg knee flexion and advanced core touches that will make your muscles sing in new keys.

You will receive:

  • 12 weeks of progressive programming via TrueCoach to record your results
  • Access to a Revival Strength coach for your questions viaTrueCoach
  • 5 days of programming per week including warmup and workout
  • 2 days of rest day homework per week including recovery and lifestyle support
  • Bonus content from Dr. Teddy Willsey (@strengthcoachtherapy) for activation and recovery
  • Community Facebook Group
  • New nutrition program available as an add-on option
  • Special 3 Day Bonus Training to start right away when you register early.

Price: $199 USD for 12 weeks of progressive programming