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For Awaken Training Series participants who have completed the first three cycles, a new 12-week progression cycle will begin on January 4. (Persist is available if you don’t have equipment!)

How Far You’ve Come

In ATS 3 we wrapped up the 12-week training cycle by testing several of the foundational strength and conditioning principles from the training program. Some of the highlights of our previous 12-week build were:

  • Upper gymnastics muscle endurance – repeating strict gymnastics efforts over sustained periods of time.
  • Touch and go Olympic lifts in power positions
  • Mixed modal lactic power work – 2 minute drill tests that challenged you to not only PUSH HARD but recover fast to excel in subsequent tests.
  • 3RM Strength Work – building up your ability to handle reps below your max
  • Mixed modal MAP training – testing in a variety of workouts over the 12 week Monday build


Take Your Fitness Into New Terrain

As we head into ATS 4, we are will continue to lay down building blocks for your strength, progress skills, and leverage the last 12 weeks to help you continue to uncover new abilities in your fitness. Specifically, the areas we will unlock and focus on in the coming 12-weeks are:

  • Mixed modal MAP training on recovery days for guided blood flow and progression
  • Olympic lifts go full squat – We’ve been building the base of movement for this all year. Power Snatch, Power Clean, Front Squat, Overhead Squats. You are ready. We are going to progress you into full squat cleans and snatches by the series end!
  • Rope climbing efficiency – This skill will continue to get some love and we will have a few fun rope climbing tests at the end of the cycle. If you don’t rope climb or have access to ropes, don’t stress, you can always continue to work our movement substitutions like towel pull-ups or my favorite rope climb sub:
    • 1 Rope climb = 3 Strict Pull-UpsĀ + 3 Strict Toes to bar
  • Overhead absolute strength – Strict Pressing and overhead complexes show up weekly and progress to maximal strength testing at the end of the 12 weeks.
  • Single leg absolute strength – you have spent the better part of the last year working on the single leg knee flexion pattern. Now that it is part of your movement pattern repertoire, and you have been using it for structural balance for 9 months, we’ll train it heavy and see how strong you can get!

You will receive:

  • 12 weeks of TrueCoach access for workouts, demos, and to record your results
  • Access to a Revival Strength coach for your questions viaTrueCoach
  • 5 days of programming per week including warmup and workout
  • 2 days of rest day homework per week including recovery and lifestyle support
  • Community Facebook Group
  • Special 3 Day Bonus Training to start right away when you register by Wednesday, December 30 at 5pm Pacific.

Price: $199 USD for 12 weeks of progressive programming