Awaken Training Series Sneak Peek, Part 4: Horizontal Pull

Forward thinking as to how we can use bodybuilding movements to help build patterns that can aid in the execution of more compound functional lifts is what Functional Bodybuilding is all about. We highlight this in Awaken Training Series with another movement progression. Horizontal pulling strength serves as a great base strength pattern to support Cleans later on in your training.

Highlights – Horizontal Pulling benefits scapular strength and stability as well as pulling power for Cleans.

We begin by supporting the upper body so athletes can focus solely on the contractions of their upper back without having to worry about coordinating other patterns.

Dumbbell Prone Row
Dual Prone Rows
Three Point Dumbbell Row
Three Point Dumbbell Row
The next three movements in the progression begin to add in static hip hinging while engaging with the upper body pulling. We start by ensuring the hips are active with the Theraband around the knees, and then move to more traditional bent rowing movements that more closely mimic the pulling position of the Clean.
Dual DB Bent Over Row with Theraband Around Knees
Dual Dumbbell Bent Over Row with Theraband Around Knees
Wide Supinated Grip Bent Over Row
Barbell Supinated Wide Grip Bent Over Row
Pendlay Row
Pendlay Row

Progressions for the Win

If you’re feeling the magic in these progressions,¬†Awaken Training Series is open for registration July 1-8 until 5pm Pacific. Join us!