Awaken Training Series Sneak Peek, Part One


Awaken Training Series is a 12-week journey that combines numerous functional fitness training principles into one progressive experience. There is a heavy influence of Functional Bodybuilding throughout. With the use of very specific tempos and progressive set and rep schemes, we take you from fundamentals to more advanced lifts and strength protocols within the same program. There is enough week to week consistency to allow your body to anticipate what is coming so you can get a great dose response from training. We also have enough variety to ensure you progress.


One of the most notable progressions we use in the 1.0 program is the single leg training progression. (If you’ve already participated in 1.0, this will give you insight into the why behind the structure). Single leg strength training is something that is often absent from functional fitness programs, yet it is so important to building healthy knees and ankles. Your hips control your knees and ankles. Keeping them strong and balanced from right to left helps keep your knees and back injury free. The following single leg progression is a series of 6 Functional Bodybuilding movements we use to build you up.


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DB RNT Reverse Lunge
Dumbell RNT Reverse Lunge

Dumbbell RNT Reverse Lunge

Why: RNT – Reactive Neuromuscular Training is a great way in single leg exercises to correct form by helping to cue the athlete to keep their hip rotators turned on to avoid caving at the knee. A light band tension is all you need to wake these brain patterns up.

KB Rack RNT Reverse Lunge
RNT Kettlebell Front Rack Reverse Lunge

RNT Kettlebell Front Rack Reverse Lunge

Why: Building from the RNT Reverse Lunge, this loading pattern places an added emphasis on the upper back to accompany the hip training in the Lunge.

Single Arm KB Oh Drop Lunge
Single Arm Kettlebell Overhead Drop Lunge

Single Arm Kettlebell Overhead Drop Lunge

Why: Now we move the load further from the center of gravity by going overhead. This adds a shoulder stability and core element. Additionally we have increased the range of motion on the drop to take the hip into extended positions.

Dumbbell Front Rack Walking Lunge
Dumbbell Front Rack Walking Lunge

Dumbbell Front Rack Walking Lunge

Why: We are moving away from the static Reverse Lunges in this progression. Walking lunges place more of a demand on the athlete than static, requiring better brain control and balance. We have brought the load back to the center of gravity in order to ensure we decreased loading complexity when we increased movement complexity. Movements all have progressions within their patterns. Find them, try them, and learn how to enhance your movement selection toolbox.

Mixed KB Rack Walking Lunge (Rack + OH)
Mixed Kettlebell Rack + Overhead Walking Lunge

Mixed Kettlebell Rack + Overhead Walking Lunge

Why: Now we have moved from RNT static Lunges with simple loading patterns to dynamic walking Lunges with an odd balance loading pattern overhead in this final part.



How can you use these progressions? Spend two weeks in each movement. Hit it 1-2x per week in training and progress through. Add load and reps each week as you start to get more confident.Or join Awaken Training Series to experience this and other progressions for a full 12 weeks. Register July 1-8 until 5pm Pacific.