Awaken Training Series Sneak Peek, Part Three – Upper Body Push

Want strong and healthy shoulders? Here’s how! Awaken Training Series uses specific Functional Bodybuilding progressions to teach foundational movement patterns. These are designed to help participants relearn how to engage stabilizing muscles in order to build a more robust movement pattern. A great example of this is our single arm upper body pushing series. You will see these throughout the 12 weeks of Awaken Training Series 1.0.

Our specific aim in this progression is to teach the shoulder blades how to rotate and support load overhead again. We are building the base for dynamic overhead movements and at the same time helping to maintain healthy shoulders.

Highlights – Building heathy shoulders, overhead stability, scapular awareness, and a base of strength to support dynamic overhead lifts like the push press and push jerk.

We begin with a 3 part series of kneeling presses. Kneeling presses are a great way to help athletes engage their trunk and press from a stable hip position. Standing presses will bring out the athletes’ compensatory patterns they have developed. By starting with kneeling we can aim to correct some of these before progressing back to standing.

Half Kneeling Landmine Press
Half Kneeling Arnold Press
Half Kneeling Arnold Press
Half Kneeling Bottom Up KB Press
Half Kneeling Bottom Up Kettlebell Press
We finish with two different standing progressions. Build from slow to fast. In the end we are confident that the dynamic overhead lifts will feel more stable and the athletes will be more connected though their hips and trunk to their shoulders.
Single Arm DB Press
Standing Single Arm Tempo Dumbbell Press
Landmine Single Arm Push Press
Landmine Push Press

Awaken Training Series is open for registration July 1-8 until 5pm Pacific.