Awaken Training Series Sneak Peek, Part Two

A huge part of Awaken Training Series is tempo training to build control and allow for brain to muscle connections to build. Strength training in this new way with these less than common exercises has been an attention grabber for many.


A1. Bench Glute Bridge Dumbbell Chest Press; 30X0; 6-8 reps/arm; rest 60sec x 3
A2. Wide Grip Strict Pull Up; 21X1; 4-6reps; rest 2mins x 3

(More information about reading supersets and tempo is available here if you need a refresher.)

But what about your conditioning work within your training? How can you approach conditioning in a new way to compliment this style of training? If you want to build your strength, maintain good positions, and still do work capacity training, then look no further. Awaken Training Series has you covered.

Functional bodybuilding has a place in conditioning too. We mix these movements into our conditioning work to give participants a chance to work hard and challenge themselves, while also continuing to progress and not burn out. Breathe, move, and sweat – and then come back the next day feeling fresh and ready.

Try this conditioning piece and see how it feels. It could be a perfect compliment to an upper body push and pull strength training session as shown above:

12 minutes Continuous Effort – Grinder Pace (Keep moving and keep your reps clean):


Want more? Awaken Training Series is open for registration July 1-8 until 5pm Pacific.