Awaken Your Warmups: Part 1

Awaken Training Series is helping athletes from all over the world discover new and effective ways to prime their bodies for training. The secret to our warm up series is that we don’t view it as just warming up. Rather, it is an important part of the training session and serves as an opportunity to improve skills, build strength, or enhance other parts of the session to come. In fact, we believe that every minute you have in the gym is precious time to train.Therefore, everything in our training programs is purposeful.

What we have done throughout Awaken Training Series is to structure the first several movements of the day in such a way that athletes can ease their brains and bodies into the demands of the training session ahead. By choosing movements that are often lower in complexity or skill based in practice, we can have our athletes and clients dive directly into the session without the need to spend 30mins mobilizing their bodies before starting the training.

Today we take a look inside one of the 60 warm ups that is in Awaken Training Series 1.0. The main focus in this warm up is to prepare for a day of upper pushing. Therefore we did a lot to get the scapulae moving and warm up the hips and core for some squatting in the conditioning later on. Beyond just preparing, these strength moves are an opportunity to build in some extra rotator cuff strength work.

Upper Push Warmup:

3-4 Sets – Build load with each set of weighted movements. Emphasis on stability. Stay in control.

6-8/arm Half Kneeling Contralateral Landmine Press (2111 tempo*)
rest 30sec
10 Side Plank Clamshells/side
rest 30sec
10 Single Arm DB Powell Raise/arm
rest 60sec

Give this one a try the next time you are going to do some overhead lifting or upper body work in your strength training session and let us know what you think.

Tempo refresher can be found here in the “Reading the Workouts” section.

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