Awaken Your Warmups: Part 2

We’ve been having some chilly mornings here in California, so it’s the perfect time for another Awaken Your Warmups installment. In addition to raising your core temperaturepreventing injury, and priming and preparing your body for movement, a Functional Bodybuilding warmup will also increase your mind muscle connection. Do you rush through warmups just to get on with your training? Try looking at it as an opportunity to develop awareness to help you move better (and get some extra work in to #lookgood too).

If you’ve ever found yourself unsure of exactly what to do before a strength and conditioning session, or doing the same things over and over, give these a try and notice the difference.

Training Scenario: Power Jerks and Single Arm Pressing

Today’s warmup is great for overhead hip speed training where you have to get under a bar quickly, such as a workout incorporating Power Jerks where your hips and shoulders need to be wide awake. It could also be used for single arm upper pushing work, or as a general full body warmup. Here are a few additional pointers:

1. The Tall Kneeling KB Push Press is a great way to get the hips firing and wake up the glutes. Additionally, by using kettlebells for loading we work on some single arm stability during these reps, which will serve us well in the training session when we are lifting barbells.

2. Let’s say today’s workout also includes some single arm pressing. Any time we do single arm pressing work there is a rotational core element involved. Therefore, in our warm up we are doing some rotational core work to strengthen, as well as prepare for what is ahead. (This helps you use your core to brace so you can press the weight.) The landmine twists are a great way to get the oblique muscles working, as well as your upper back muscles.

3. Lastly, we have found when using static core exercises and isometrics we can achieve a great CNS (central nervous system) warm up. These types of exercises help to raise core body temperature very quickly and effectively. The Ring Mountain Climber coordinates a static upper body core position with a little bit of dynamic movement in the lower extremities. There is great anterior core activation in the form of anti-extension isometric holds. Additionally, the hip flexors get some training with the ring mountain climber action.

4 Sets

12 Tall Kneeling KB Push Press (alternating one arm at a time – 6/arm)

rest 30sec

10 Half Kneeling Landmine Twist

rest 30sec

30sec Ring Mountain Climbers

rest 90sec

Be sure to give this a try before the next workout you do with some overhead lifting or single arm upper pushing work. Alternatively, you can use this warmup on any day of the week even if you don’t have similar movements in your training session. Just pay special attention to what you are feeling and how these movements connect your mind to your muscles.

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