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Remember falling in love with fitness?

You know, back in the day, when every workout was a challenge and you walked away proud? You blew yourself away with your progress and hit benchmarks you never thought you could achieve. And then came the burnout, when the days between workouts grew longer – and the couch called louder. Or the injuries that made you pause on lifting anything overhead. Or the secret embarrassment that other people just seemed to smoke you every time.


“Go into the pain cave,” you hear, like hurting is a badge of honor, and all weakness must be squashed. But what happens when you tweak your back, or your kid gets sick, and your PR takes a nosedive? Does that make you less of an athlete?


It’s time to reconnect with why you fell in love with training. Whether you compete or just work out for the pure pleasure of movement, every athlete can make progress and feel great at the same time – when you have a proven plan to get there.

I could consistently see how one week was the stepping stone to the next...looking back at where I started the program, I can see significant progress - not just in the increase in strength but in the quality of my movement. - Jacques

Look Good, Move Well

When fitness is part of your lifestyle, you want to train long past your 20’s. And to get there, you need a way to train that keeps your body healthy and whole, and doesn’t make you feel like crap when life happens. Anyone can write a workout that will drop you to the floor – but it’s much harder to get the most from your performance, without trashing your body in the process.

Functional fitness often neglects another important part of training – looking sexy.  With a blend of bodybuilding and functional training movements, you’ll get the best of both worlds – strength and muscle to look good and move well.

Yes, I’ve put up some PRs but more than anything I’ve learnt that it’s ok to scale, to listen to my body and tame the ego, to be patient and good things will come. I’m 38 and want to do this for as long as possible. Kind of feel like somebody has given me the secret sauce. I love this sh*t. Let’s go team!! - Benjamin

Random for Random’s Sake

In a typical functional fitness class, you may not revisit a movement for weeks at a time. Did you learn kipping movements before developing strict strength, and then wonder why you tweaked your shoulder? Did you figure out Olympic weightlifting in the middle of a metcon, or follow a step by step plan? Random workouts give random results. Taking more seminars and poring over more programs, mixing and matching, won’t lead to a thoughtfully designed, safe and effective program that progressively builds your body up.

Yes, I’ve put up some PRs but more than anything I’ve learnt that it’s ok to scale, to listen to my body and tame the ego, to be patient and good things will come. I’m 38 and want to do this for as long as possible. Kind of feel like somebody has given me the secret sauce. I love this sh*t. Let’s go team!! - Benjamin

There’s an Art to Great Programming

Marcus Filly has been a health and fitness coach for 10+ years since leaving Medical School in 2009. He was formerly a CrossFit facility owner for 5 years, has completed all 5 of the OPEX CCP courses, and has coached clients remotely from all over the world. He has coached athletes at the CrossFit Games as well as several Regionals athletes. And he knows how fitness is more than just constantly pursuing gains — it’s a path to self-discovery and building confidence from deep within.


Sure, we could share his personal program and you could pay to follow along, but that won’t help you change the way you train.


Instead of randomly piecing your training together, imagine walking into the gym excited and knowing exactly what to do, for the next three months. Each week, the program will build on itself, so you’ll revisit your progress and see how you respond. Your master plan will be waiting for you to follow every step. But will it be easy? No, in the best possible way.


This program will challenge you to become aware of the way you move. Of your breathing. We suggest you turn down the music and hear your body respond. To not block out or avoid the fears or discomfort creeping in, but to welcome them as friends, and see what they have to show you. No “sucking it up” needed. And no destroying your body in the process. Because if your training doesn’t bring you joy, why do it?


You will experience the Functional Bodybuilding movement vocabulary, combining slower movements with others performed at speed.High and lower intensity blend so you can feel all those little muscles and joints working together. Strength assignments coupled with aerobic movements will keep your engine humming while supporting your overall capacity.


When each movement feels connected to your body as a whole, you will:

  • access more strength
  • move more efficiently
  • stabilize supporting muscles and joints
  • feel more comfortable in a variety of positions

You’ll be sore in weird places, and you’ll love it.


When you join Awaken Training Series, you will get:

  • TrueCoach access for Twelve weeks of progressive programming  (5x/week schedule with rest day active recovery suggestions) – plus daily email to save for when the program ends
  • Access to a Revival Strength coach for your questions via TrueCoach during the 12 weeks of the program
  • Video movement library
  • Bonus content from Dr. Teddy Willsey (@strengthcoachtherapy) for activation, recovery, and injury prevention
  • 3 day bonus assessment workouts when you register by Wednesday, December 30 at 5pm Pacific
  • Community Facebook Group
  • Abs, buns, and supporting muscle made of steel*

* just kidding – sorta 

Price: $199 USD for 12 weeks, or bundle all 4 Awaken Training Series programs and save $97! 


Awaken Training Series is run live in 12 week cycles. Your access to TrueCoach will expire at the end of the program, but you’ll receive a daily workout email to keep and use any time. Registration closes Sunday, April 4 at 5pm Pacific.

Your Questions – Answered

What equipment will I need?

Below is a complete list of equipment for Awaken Training Series. If you’re missing one or two things feel free to sub as you see fit or reach out to the coaches for assistance; many participants have done the program in home gyms, globo gyms, or hotel gyms, substituting as needed while keeping the intended stimulus of the movement in mind. However, if you are in a bodyweight or low equipment situation, Persist or Individual Design would be a better fit.

Barbell, rack, and plates; Pull-up bar; Selection of dumbbells, kettlebells, and bands; Rings; Plyo box(es); Bench (adjustable); Sled (push and pull); Axel bar (can substitute regular); Parallettes (can substitute); Jump Rope; GHD or Roman chair for back/hip extensions; Climbing rope; Assault Bike; Rower.

Who is this for?

This program is ideal for athletes with enough experience to read a written workout plan. If you know your way around a gym, or have CrossFit experience and want to love training again, this program is made for you. Especially if you’ve considered hiring a personal coach but have hesitated for one reason or another.

Will I have access forever?

You will receive access to the live program on its start date for 12 weeks via TrueCoach. After the conclusion of the program, your account will be archived unless you are moving on to the next section. You will also receive a daily workout email you can save to use after the conclusion of the program if you wish.

How is it different from Persist?

All Functional Bodybuilding programs are designed with aspects to help you look good and move well. The “move well” – or performance – aspect of Awaken Training Series optimizes for the top ten characteristics in CrossFit. Awaken Training Series is also designed in 12 week cycles that build on each other.

Persist is an ongoing subscription with shorter 6 week cycles, and its performance track, Persist Classic, helps you move well for life – being fit, strong, and athletic, exploring movement to continually improve, but also staying away from the intensity necessary to compete or perform as a sole focus. Persist also includes a Body Composition track for aesthetics and a Miminalist/bodyweight track.

How is it different from Individual Design?

Awaken Training Series is a group program, so by nature it cannot take you as far as an individual design program in terms of focusing on specific needs and goals. Individual design programs begin with an in-depth consultation and assessment period, working one on one with a Revival Strength coach who will then design a unique program for each client. Individual design also includes monthly consultations so your program evolves with you, as well as nutrition and lifestyle support. If you are interested in learning more you can request a free consultation at any time.

What about scaling?

You are welcome to scale any and all movements to your ability, injuries, or how you’re feeling on a particular day. We assume you have enough experience to modify as you see fit, but if you have any questions feel free to reach out via TrueCoach at any time – we’re here to support your experience.

Most of the movements do not have prescribed weight on purpose – choose as you see fit, for your body and life, for each day. The only weight that matters is the one that will challenge you without crushing your spirit, or your body, in the process.

How do I warm up and mobilize?

Warm ups are provided for each workout that will get your body primed for the day. Keep in mind your own individual needs and feel free to alter to fit your body, or reach out to a coach with any questions.

Where do I go for questions?

You can communicate with a Revival Strength coach via TrueCoach for questions during the live program. Depending on the volume of messages we receive, you may not get an individual response right away, but we will be looking for common threads and constantly incorporating feedback into the program, and try to respond to messages within 24 hours if possible. Your training will be available for the week on Sunday, so that’s a great time to review the workouts and message in with questions ahead of time to make sure you get a response before training. Our community Facebook group is also a great way to get a quick answer from fellow participants.

What if I miss a workout?

This program is intended to build from week to week, but you’ll keep access to all the workouts through your daily workout email if you want to make one up. Keep in mind that your TrueCoach account will only be accessible during the 12 weeks of the program, so be sure to save your daily email if you want to refer to it later. If you need to miss an extended amount of time, best to jump back in where the program is currently. Feel free to reach out to a coach if you have any questions.

Is the programming available on mobile devices?

TrueCoach has a mobile app, and can also be opened in any web browser and is mobile-responsive.