1. Bodyweight Lateral Box Step Down


1. Bodyweight Lateral Box Step Down

The lateral box step down is performed by standing on top of a box at the very edge so that your non working leg is hanging off the side. The athlete will begin to lower the non working heel to the ground by flexing the hip and knee of their standing leg simultaneously. Following the prescribed tempo the athlete will lower the non working heel all the way to the floor, lightly tap that heel, and then stand back to the top. The emphasis is on the lower phase of this lift exercise and most often a longer descent will be prescribed with a slower tempo.

Pairs Well With

Side Plank – lateral core exercise

Powell Raise – Single Arm Scapular Control – Rhomboid Activation

General Notes and Progressions

  1. This is the place to begin the journey. Performing this at very low box heights is an essential starting place and point to return to for all levels of trainee.
  2. Within this movement we will often prescribe an increase in box height from as low as 3 inches, all the way up to a box height that is roughly the height of the athletes knee standing next to it.
  3. Once the athlete can execute 8 reps at 30X1 tempo on each leg to a 10-12” box you will be able to move on.

Common Mistakes

  1. Progressing to higher boxes too quickly before control is gained
  2. Touching the entire sole of the non working foot to the floor and then using that foot to push back up
  3. Dragging the foot down the side of the box.

Tempo Suggestion

  1. 20X1 x 8-10 reps/leg (lower box heights)
  2. 30X1 x 6-8 reps/leg (taller box heights)

Movement Consideration

  1. Motor Control
  2. Prehab/Warm Up