Bringing the Storm to Scottsdale

That’s right! I’m in Arizona, the State of Sunshine. But I’m bringing the storm, so to speak. Well actually there is a literal storm happening here in Scottsdale. Today we had rain, then hail, followed by some thunder, and when the skies cleared there was snow on the mountain tops. Everyone was shocked. Everyone was so bewildered by the sudden change in climate. Meanwhile I was calm and I understood. When I come to town the tides turn, the climate shifts, the moon comes up during the day, and the coyotes stop by OPT to watch me train (true story, coyote walked by outside about 10mins after I arrived at OPT). But truthfully coming to Arizona is a get away for me. A chance to clear my head and focus on just being an athlete. There are of course the shopping and cooking duties I pick up when I’m here with Danny and Moses. Not that they can’t do it themselves but I enjoy it more and bring just a little bit of creativity to the mix. In fact last time I was here I bought these guys a nice cast iron pan to add to their culinary arsenal. I showed them how to make delicious breakfast fritatta’s. What I came back to find was that they had stuffed this pan at the bottom of their kitchen closet and it was collecting dust. Well lets just say I’ve been knocking the dust off that thing ever since I arrived.

Monday Training – AM

run 5 min @ z1
run 200’s @ 80% turn it over, little breathing
walk rest 90 sec x 10
– all sets around 38-39sec
5 min walk cool down

*Felt good running this AM. Knee has been holding up alright doing this running. It doesn’t seem to be bothered on the running. Afterwards I get tight in the calfs and ankles and this seems to bother the knee some. 

Monday Noon Training

A. clean grip DL – 55% 1RM; 10 sets of 3 @ 11X1; rest 45 sec – speed on concentric
235 – done and felt good
B. Split jerk – every 90 sec double @ 80% effort off blocks – work on catch – change feet based on how knee feels – 6 sets
255 – used flats, not lifting shoes.
C. 1-10 unbroken CTB chin ups for time

*Had a hard time getting comfortable doing the jerks. My knee was feeling off.


Monday PM Training

AD 5 min max cals
rest 30 sec
4 min max rope climbs – leg less – 12′
rest 30 sec
3 min pHSPU amrap
rest 30 sec
2 min amrap bar muscle ups
rest 30 sec
1 min max cals AD
*got after it on the AD on the first 5 mins. wanted to hold 300 pace and see where I was at. after 2:30 i knew it was going to end badly. had almost nothing left for the rope climbs. any higher and I’m not sure I could have made it. last AD minute I was happy with my wattage 600+ the whole time. spent. 

*not very happy with my gymnastics on this. i would have had to game this better in a competition to ensure better numbers across the board. as it was I just went for it.

Tuesday AM Training – Scottsdale with Danny. Did this with the Big Guy

A. Power clean; build to a max or tough single based on knee
-285 felt pretty easy but backed off because knee felt funky
B. Snatch pulls off blocks (below knee) 2, 2, 2; rest 2 min
-275, 275, 305
12 min amrap:
30 power clean and jerk 95#
30 power clena and jerk 135#
30 power clean and jerk 175#
amrap in remaining time 205#
– 90 reps. Had about 15sec to get the weights changed for 205# but didn’t have a chance to try it. Waited about 30sec and hit it. On looking back at this workout I could have had some more urgency on the 175#. I think I could have shaved a couple seconds off of my rest on each rep.


Tuesday PM Training Scottsdale – Again with Danny

12min AMRAP
2k Row
150 Double Unders
-53 Swings
*Went into this knowing I was trying to compete with Danny. He is a much stronger rower than me so I had to press my pace a little bit. My only hope here was to be more precise on the double unders and have enough left to hit the KBS hard. Row went 6:58, then strung a couple long sets of double unders together. Finished with a set of 50. Then KBS went 15/6/5/5/5/5/5/6/. Grip killer.