Build up to the CrossFit Open!

It is the first week of the CrossFit open. I plan to present my week training plan leading up to my competition workouts so you can all see how I prepped myself for the week. What you might notice is a bit more volume/work early on in the week and then as I got closer to Saturday when I competed things lighted up a little bit and was more focused on aerobic work. I liked the way the week shaped up. I felt better with each day as I got closer to the competition day.

Competitions bring with them a considerable amount of stress. How each of us reacts to that stress can separate athletes of equal physical caliber. I’ve had to learn over the last several years how to harness the anxiety and stress of these Open workouts into something productive. I’m not an expert and have yet to perfect the process. But I have to say that each year gets better. Each year I find ways to deal with pressure, stress, and uncertainty a little bit better. This week with the announcement of the first workout of the Open on Wednesday night there were 3 days to think about what was going to happen. That is a lot of time for your mind to play games. There are doubts that can creep in and you have to shut them out.

I saw a quote on CJ Martin’s facebook page that helped me out a little bit this week. Maybe it will help you in the next 4 weeks.

“Once you hear 3,2,1,GO, you are committed. There is no stopping until the task is complete. You can bitch all you want about it, but nobody is going to save you. My suggestion is that you save your energy, put a smile on your face and figure out how you are going to keep yourself motivated to get one more rep . . . over and over again.”

Spent your time figuring out how you are going to stay motivated. Because one thing is almost for certain, you are probably going to questions why you are even doing this at some point, be it before or in the workout. Figure out what is keeping you motivated. Good luck for the next 4 weeks everyone.

6:45 AM
Fasted w/ BCAA, caffeine
30 seconds @80%
30 seconds @50%
*stayed right around 420w and rested around 130w

A. Squat snatch; 2, 2, 2, 2, 2; rest 3 min
205, 215, 225, 235, 245 (x1… rep 2 wasn’t close)
*receiving position doesn’t feel strong. concerned about my knee and not able to move quickly under the bar
B. Snatch grip partial deadlifts from blocks (knee); 3, 3, 2, 2; rest 3min
315, 359, 369, 379
C. Sled drags (heavy grinding walk pace) 50m x4; rest 1 min
*Pulled a prowler backwards with a ring strap attached around low handles. Loaded it with 360lbs. 25m down and back. This was a quad burner. Not sure I performed these correctly.

5:30 PM
For time:
20 parallete hspu
20 KB snatch L 2 pood
20 KB snatch R 2 pood
20 parallete hspu
– 9:06 (First set of HSPU (3/3/2/2/2/2/2/2/1/1), KBS 12/8 each arm, didn’t seem necessary to go unbroken knowing I needed my shoulders for the last set of HSPU. Did all of the last 20 as singles with short rests. Kip felt strong. Shoulder stinger. 


Tuesday Training

AM – 7:30
Row 500m @1:42
rest 2 min
*1:41.8, 1:41.8, 1:41.8, 1:41.8, 1:41.7, 1:41.6 (31s/m average)
Lungs felt strong. This pace was mostly about the leg drive. My quads are still shot from last Friday and Saturday squat bonanza.

A. Clean and jerk; 2, 2, 2, 2, 2; rest 2 min
255 (pc+j), 265 (pc+j), 265 (sc+j), 275 (sc+j), 275 (sc+j)
B. Push press; 5, 5, 5; rest 2 min
205, 215, 225
Hang power clean 225#
Muscle up
8:04 (went unbroken on everything until the final set of 4 and 5 on both HPC and muscle up. figured out how to get more from my muscle up kip… very effective)

8:00 AM
swim 30 min easy out of bed continuous pace
*nothing easy about swimming for 30mins for me. did my best to not take too many breaks. let a few people pass me from time to time. also after first 10mins my lats and triceps were feeling crazy tight so I stretched them for a minute. hot tub is still the best part of going to the pool. 

EMOM for 20 min:
Odd- 6 TnG power snatch 115#
Even- 10 meter HS walk
EMOM for 20 min:
Odd- 10 TnG deadlift 225#
Even- 5 burpee box jump 30

*So nice to get back to doing these sessions in my training again. Guess I misread this week and did 24mins of each instead of 20mins. Happy with unbroken HS walks on all sets. Deadlifts really left my back super sore for the next several days.

Thursday Training

7:30 AM
30 min z1 row 
– 1:59.9 pace. Little harder than Z1 this morning. Felt good though. 

Run 30 seconds @80%
Run 20 seconsd @90%
Run 10 seconsd @93-95%
rest 1 min
Covered a little over 300m give or take a little bit on each. Really focused on my running mechanics and foot placement. 

Friday Trianing

7:00 AM
Row 30 seconds @85%
Row 30 seconds @50%
* 1:40.8 average/31 s/m – Very consistent. All 20 sets with the exception of 2 were exactly the same. Kept the fly wheel moving the entire time during the 50% portion. Moved it slow but consistently. Still recovering in my posterior chain from Wednesdays EMOM session with 120 deadlifts at 225#. 

A. TnG power snatch; 2 reps on the min for 10 min 80% 1rm
*back was still fried so I worked up to 80% from 165. Did sets at 165/170/175/180(80% weight)
B. Squat clean; 4 reps on the min for 10 min @60% 1rm
*adjusted this to 185# (instead of 195# or 60%) to take some load of my back. only did sets of 3. felt great though and got my back feeling better
C. Snatch balance; 3 reps on the min for 10 min 135#
*loved these. never done them in this kind of work. great to work on my bottom position in the snatch without super heavy loads. felt great down there. 

5:00 PM

Airdyne 30 seconds @85%
Airdyne 30 seconds @50%
– 398 cals, 278 avg/watts, felt great. ready for Open workout 13.1 tomorrow.