Chicken, Potatoes, and a rant about Cream.

Happy Tuesday! You have to have things to look forward to in your week. Maybe it is your Thursday noon training session because it always makes you feel good. Maybe it is Monday night when you get to watch the newly recorded episode of Homeland (I mean what is really going to happen to Brody?). Or perhaps it is the Tuesday evening rotisserie chicken and roasted fingerling potatoes covered in the drippings from your chicken served by the friendly grillmaster from Roli Rotti Gourmet Rotisserie. Well today was just one of those days that I have been looking forward to. Two weeks ago Mr. Grillmaster called in sick and there was no chicken at the gym. Last week I was in Massacheucetts. So it has been 3 long weeks since I had some of the crispy, salty, deliciousness that Roli Roti serves up. My craving has been quelled.

4:30 AM – Wake Up – 82 HRV (back in the green after two days of red…. traveling sucks on the body)
4:45 AM – Supplements (Greens First + Max Fibre + Fish Oil + Probiotics)
4:50 AM – Coffee #1 (Decaf with Heavy Cream) Side note on this. When did people have to start calling it heavy cream? I mean once upon a time there was just cream and milk. When did the whole various fat ratio dairy thing happen? And when the heck did half cream/half milk (half and half) become the assumed dairy of choice when I folks order coffee with cream. That isĀ ridiculous. It only occurred to me just recently as I went in to Philz coffee in Sausalito. They only have “Heavy Cream” there. When you order your coffee (which they brew by the cup) they ask if you would like cream and sugar. They don’t mean half and half. They mean CREAM. And they steam that stuff too. Philz is my new favorite on this principle alone. Pete’s and Starbucks need to wake up. Pete’s Coffee last week almost had the nerve to charge me an extra $1 last week to put a splash of “Heavy Cream” in my coffee. Get serious guy. There is nothing in your Pete’s Coffee handbook that says anything about upcharging a customer who prefers to put the real stuff in his coffee and not that half and half nonsense. I know these things…. I used to work here buddy. I would have completely understood if a customer reached across the counter and slugged me had I even suggested he or she pay more for some cream. But I digress….
5:15-8:15 – Coaching Classes (40 people in 3 hours… yikes. Gym was seriously a steam room by the end of the morning. Windows fogged up so much that all my schedules taped to the windows fell right off)
*Breakfast – Managed to sneak a few things in my mouth in between some coaching.
Coffee #2 somewhere in there
4 Fried Eggs
1 Apple
1 Small Clementine Orange
8:30am – Training Part 1

Row 30 min z1 continuous

9:30-12 – Coaching and Consults
*11am – Grabbed another small regular coffee on the way to the consult. Starbucks man knows my style and put the heavy cream in without me even asking. No Charge. Eat that Pete’s.

12:30 – Training Part 2

A. Squat snatch clusters 1.1.1×5; rest 15 seconds/rest 3 min (heavier each set)
215, 225, 230, 235, 240
*felt really solid
B1. Strict press; build to a max
*10# off my PR from a year ago. tried for 185# and it wasn’t there today. not surprised at this drop off but it is always tough to swallow.
B2. Weighted chin up; build to a max
* pretty sure this is my best ever strict. I’ve hit this weight or close to it with a big kip.

C. 10 sets of 4 unbroken muscle ups for time
*pacing felt pretty good.

PWO – Whey/Malto/Coconut Water – 30g P/70g C

4pm – Training Part 3

60min Zone 1 Skill Session – Made sure to stay moving for 60mins

20mins – Row 500m/50 Double Unders/10 Step Ups 30″/TnG Hang Squat Cleans 95#
20mins – Run 400m/3 Bar Muscle Ups/6 Box Jumps 40″/TnG Hang Squat Snatch 95#
20mins – Airdyne 30c/4 P-HSPU/8 DB Ext Rot/10 GHD Sit Ups

*Dinner – The best Rotisserie chicken and potatoes the the bay has to offer. And some broccoli on the side.

Shout Out to the MV Tuesday Noon Training Team – Megan, Yago, and Dan, (Lisa was MIA today and missed). It is seriously the place to be at noon on Tuesdays. Megan rowed a 1:55 500m as a benchmark today. Yago did some lightning fast burpees šŸ˜‰ Dan talked for about an hour about how psyched he was to train at OPT last week. “James is so legit” Thanks for the late breaking news Dan.