Close but not quite – Testing Day 3

Today was a solid day. No fireworks like yesterday but some very solid efforts that were almost awesome. Before the testing day got started we broke in Danny and Mo’s new cast iron pan. As a gift to them I made a stop at Bed Bath and Beyond last night to give them some real cookware. The cast iron pan is the preferable cookware for making the best frittata’s around. Today’s frittata had a mix of japanese sweet potatoes, red potatoes, onions, and arugula. I decided to prep the meal before we left for out first workout so that when we came home we would have food right away. This is recovery planning at its finest.

Testing Day 3 – Part 1 10am

10mins to build to a 12RM Back Squat (must be under 60sec)
– 315, 345 (11 reps – just crumbled under 12)
*Sweet Baby James was there to time my attempt for the 345#. He kept telling me to take my time. It felt like I was under that bar forever but there was no pace that may have saved me for that 12th rep. Close but not quite 345#. 


10min Rest

10min AMRAP – Partner Workout – Max Double Unders. 5 Burpees for each teammate at the top of each minute. 
– 875
*Danny and I squared off against Colin and Moses. Lunch was on the line. After a video recount they officially beat us. However, please go check out Colin’s final burpee at the top of the 4th minute (4:08), and the 6th minute (6:08). We decided not to penalize them for these burpees since they provided us with so much laughter. Close but not quite a win.


James’ parting words – “I would suggest eating something small in the next 30mins because you are not going to want anything in your belly when you come back at 1:30 for this next workout.”

Translation – “This workout is going to own your soul”

Story Time – “Moses Ruins Marcus’ Breakfast”
We came home from training for our late breakfast. Finished off the Frittata in the oven and sliced of a third of the 12″ pie. Brought the plate over to the couch and was about ready to dig into this devine crispy egg/potato/onion delight. As I start to chomp my way through I look over to see Moses sitting on the couch near me with about half the amount of food I have in front of me. Now Mo has a big appetite and I realize he is just taking James advice very seriously to eat less than normal. I start to reconsider my gigantic portion on my plate. But it looks so delicious. The layers of potatoes, onions, and egg are asking to be eaten. But Mo’s little baby portion is staring at me and saying “you probably don’t want to be eating that big portion”. So I bail and put the rest of the frittata back. Only partially satisfied I go back to the couch and curse Mo under my breath.

Testing Day 3 – Part 2 2:00pm

7 Rounds for Time
10 Power Cleans 155#
15 Wall balls 20#/10ft
– 10:04


*Stayed under control the entire workout. Too a fault. Should have gone a little more crazy on my last two rounds. Finish about 20sec behind Mo and Danny and about 10sec behind Mike. Pretty happy with how I managed my rests and reps on the cleans. But I know I have lots of room to improve here. Close but not quite the best. 

New Recipe Greatness – Ribs

3 Full Racks of Ribs
Dry Rub (cumin, onion, cayenne, garlic powder)
BBQ Sauce (pick your favorite)
*Cut each rack in half and rub them all down with spices first then BBQ sauce. From there put them all in the slow cooker and turn it to high for 6 hours. Once done take them out and let them cool on a baking sheet. Let them continue to cool over night. Next day apply a thin layer of BBQ sauce to the top and put under the broiler for about 5-10mins until they are crispy on top.