Coming Back Slowly – Friday Nov 2nd

5:30 AM – Coffee with Cream (had a brief thought this week to cut out Cream for a bit and see how it made me feel…but then I got wise and didn’t do that)
5:45 – 6:45 – Personal Training Client
6:45 AM – 4 Eggs w/ Onions and Chili Peppers, Ketchup, Orange
7:00 AM – 20min Airdyne to loosen up + 10min Streching
*Finding that sitting at the bottom of my squat  for extended periods is helping my legs to feel better and my calf to get some really good stretching.
7:30 – 8:30 – Personal Training Client
8:30-9:30 – Training Part 1

Oly skill 30 min
Snatch Technique work at 115#
*Felt really good to work some deep squats with light weight as it gave me some confidence on my slowly healing calf. 

9:30-11:30 – Class Coaching
11:30 AM – Coconut Water with Whey Protein Shake and Package of Mac Nuts and Pistachios
12:30 PM – Training Part 2

On the minute for 14 min:
Odd- 4 hang squat clean 185#
Even- 6 CTB chin ups
On the minute for 14 min:
Odd- 2 power clean 245#
Even- 6 hspu
On the minute for 14 min:
Odd- 5 DL 315#
Even- 5 ghd sit ups

*Gymnastics felt very sharp and easy. My shoulder is a little tweaky from the ring dips and muscle ups this week but today’s pull ups and hspu were just fine. Deadlifting feels tough these days. I don’t feel strong in that move. I’ve made progress since last year around this time but feel my strength and speed in heavier deadlifts is down since Regionals this year. Cleans, both squat and power, were a test on my calf and the power cleans seemed to bother it a little bit. Nothing too serious.


2:00pm – PWO 45g Whey, 45g Carb from Malto, 40g Carb From Coconut Water
2:45pm – Paleo Cookie Snacks Mom made. Delicious but they crushed my stomach a couple hours later on the airdyne.
3:00-4:00 – Private Client session
4:20pm – Training Part 3

AD 10 min z1
AD 1 min @85%
Walk 1 min
AD 10 min z1

1339 Cals
230 Watts (85% = 400-420 Watts)
145-164 BPM

PWO – 6pm
– 3/4C White Rice, 1 C Beef Stew, Veggie Chips

7pm – Roasted Turkey Leg 10oz

8:20pm – Apple + Slivered Almonds