2011 Reebok CrossFit Games – Deep Breath Before Battle

My earliest memories of competition go back to when I was about 8 years old. I was playing soccer in the Mill Valley Rec soccer league. I don’t remember much about the actual games or what it felt like to play but I remember vividly the feeling I would have when I would climb into the front seat of my dads car after the game and spill my guts about how it all felt. I could recall every moment of the game, every turn, pass, shot, and bit of excitement. My dad would listen intently to every last thing I had to say. He was always my number one fan as an athlete.

A bunch of years have gone by since those first days out on the soccer field. My competition resume got a bit longer in the proces. Many more years were spent playing baseball, golf, and more soccer. In high school I participated in the Northern California State finals in all three sports. I put my hat in the ring to try and qualify for the US Junior Amateur Golf championships and missed qualifying by 2 strokes (+2 to par after 36 holes). Competition go capped off in 2005 with my last Soccer game for the UC Berkeley Mens Soccer Team. By that time I was finished. Soccer in college was a tremendous opportunity for me. It opened doors, gave me a physical background that I utilize to this day, and helped me stay focused on my studies. But when it was over I wasn’t sad. I was relieved. I could finally move on and spend my energy focusing on other things.

   Final Chipper Event at the 2011 NorCal Regionals

Fitness truly took over my life from then on. I needed to feel like I felt when I was playing at the highest level of soccer. I needed to be strong and fit. So my quest to find that fix was on. Fast forward a few years and CrossFit entered my life. A fitness program that had all the elements. A way to train myself to be as fit or fitter than I ever was as a competitive athlete in college. But CrossFit has given me something more. It presented me with an opportunity to compete again. This time I didn’t know what was drawing me back to competition. My last experience in college definitely wasn’t motivating me. I had since put soccer behind me and didn’t miss it anymore. CrossFit competition seemed to be calling me back because it felt like an opportunity for me to challenge myself. My first experience competing in CrossFit was almost 2 years ago. Since I’ve been fortunate to compete on the biggest stage there is. The CrossFit Games in both 2010 and 2011 taught me different things about myself. Most importantly they confirmed that competitions in fitness are in integral part to my personal development. I’ve learned things about myself that range from relationship lessons, to lessons in ego and personal will. For those reasons alone I’m committed to another year of competition and finding opportunities to compete whenever possible.

HSPU at NorCal Regionals 2011

Next up on the list of competitions will be the Redwood Empire 2011 Olympic Weightlifting Event on August 27th. I’ll be competing in the Snatch and Clean & Jerk events. This will be my first time competing in this sport and I’m excited and nervous all at the same time. I’ll be documenting my training on this blog for this coming year of competitions and provide you with details on my preparation, performances, and post competition reflections.

Stay Tuned…

270lb Clean and Jerk