Countdown to Day 1 of Regionals.


Awake – 6am on the dot. No alarm, just that little voice inside saying the time is upon you. Get out there and make what you want. Slow walk into the kitchen while I perceive all the parts of my body and check in that physically I’m ready. Routine and rituals help keep the mind calm. So I reach for the shaker bottle and mix up my cocktail of supplements that I start every day with. Coffee pot is set to brew and I do a quick run through on my phone at some late emails I received last night.

Coffee is done, cream added, first few sips have as much a calming effect as a stimulant from caffeine. The voice from the other room lets me know Megz is up. “Today is the day”. That really means that ┬áthat today is the day before the day. We leave today to drive north about an hour to be closer to the competition site. A cottage in a small town near the Farigrounds with a kitchen and some quiet away from the hustle and bustle.

I’m all packed up. Every possible article of clothing I could imagine wanting to wear while competing. All 4 pairs of shoes that will be on rotation through the weekend. Cooler full of food. Bag full of supplements and coffee grounds. And then some other items I’ve discovered over the past 4 years competing you don’t want to be without. Now if I could just find a place to put this Airdyne for the weekend. He’s my buddy and deserves to take the trip to Regionals with me.

“Are you ready?” “Have you been tapering?” That is all everyone wants to know. What else do you ask someone about to go compete at the CrossFit Norcal Regionals? Here are the questions I’m asking myself.

Why have you done all this work in preparation this year? – Because I want to show up this weekend and test my heart, test my mind, and test my spirit against the best of NorCal. The physical work up until now has prepared my physical body and challenged my heart/mind/spirit. This weekend is the test.

What are your goals for the weekend? – Stay in the moment. Each and every step of the way. Through the pain, through the highs, through the lows. Don’t attempt to escape anything. The only way forward is through the now.

Who are you doing this for? – For myself first and foremost. This is a personal journey that so many of you have been on with me for the last 8 months or more. It was a journey that began with a question from my coach. “What do you want out of this?” I didn’t really have a clear answer but only some more questions. So I did all this to answer those questions and the only way to answer them is to go forward with full effort.

To many of you I’ll see you this weekend out at the fairgrounds. To others of you, good luck at your respective regionals. I’m going to try to post each day this weekend about the days events to give you some insight on the regionals process. Stay tuned!