Revival Strength | Awaken Training Series VIP Experience
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Awaken Training Series VIP Experience

Welcome to the Awaken Training Series VIP Experience!

This course is a 12-week accompaniment to Awaken Training Series that includes weekly videos with Marcus Filly (filmed in October for the original group) that go behind the scenes of the ideas and principles used in Awaken Training Series for coaches and people who wish to run Awaken Training Series at their gyms. The course also provides homework assignments that give hands-on practice using the ideas in the weekly progressions for yourself or for others, and a monthly Zoom call with Marcus or VIP coach Misbah Haque.

To join, please purchase from the Community Bundle page, which has details on everything else you get alongside this program. The content of this course is focused on the 1.0 program, but you may participate in your current level of Awaken Training Series at the same time if you wish.

If you are seeing this and you already purchased the course, please log in and then come back to this page under the Learn menu up top.