FBB Exercise Selection: Upper Vertical Push, Volume One

FBB Exercise Selection: Upper Vertical Push, Vol. One

Welcome! To get started with the course, first explore the material here for an introduction to Functional Bodybuilding progressions and regressions, a visual reference guide, and an overview of coaching cues and general points to keep in mind when performing these exercises. There is also a section on mobility to help develop your positions, as well as an 8-week training template that pairs these movements with those from Single Leg, Volume One.

Each movement has its own page where you’ll find an in-depth demonstration and description of performance points, as well as common faults to avoid, suggested tempos, movement pairings, and considerations for how to use the movement in your programming or training. You can explore each movement sequentially or use them as a reference to return to.

For feedback or assistance, please email [email protected]. Enjoy the program!

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