Day 1 Norcal Regionals

Today was long. I mean really long. Wake up at 6am, get to fairgrounds at 8am for a “mandatory” briefing with athletes, first workout at 12pm, final workout at 4:50pm, back to the cottage for dinner by 6:30pm. In the famous word of Sal Vulcano of impractical jokers “Yikers!”.

The day is finally coming to a close. The leaderboard says I’m in 5th after day one. I have to climb a spot or two over the next two days. I know what I have to do and will only focus on that from here on out.

Not every event is going to go the way you planned. Some may even go better than planned. You have to believe that. But no matter what when you are done with one you have to move on. There is nothing behind you that matters, only what is in front of you. Immediately in front of you.

What’s in front of me now. A big hunk of chocolate covered in almond butter. And now for some netflix to put me to sleep.

Stay tuned for more guys….

OHS Statue

                     OHS Statue