What If Those 30 Day Shreds Really Worked?

If I wanted to make quick easy money in the fitness industry, it’s easy to see what to do.


A Facebook ad, a couple before and after ab photos, and BOOM, instant sales. Better yet, take this fistful of sketchy supplements to boost your results even more.

But even if it works, what about the remaining eleven months of the year?

What about when you’ve lost your motivation for the gym, and Adam’s goodbye cake has been sitting in the office fridge for a week, calling your name? (True story – miss you, bro.)

Plenty of people I talk to in my gym used to have a pretty good thing going with their fitness plan before they found us. It was fun, it was sexy, it got results — up until a point. But the reason people switch programs is they know they’ve reached a dead end. The class they’ve been going to, the track they were following, stopped giving them that feeling of growth. It went from a “BOOYAH” to a “meh” — or even worse, an “ugh.”

As humans, we thrive on the feeling of progress. Nobody ever wanted to find a career, get into a relationship, or start a new workout plan only to reach the promised land of autopilot – doing the same thing week after week, with nothing new to show for it. And even though we understand on some level that we can’t keep getting stronger forever, another part of us refuses to accept it. It’s a good thing to stay motivated in life.

Make Consistency Sexy

I’m not a tattoo guy, but if I were, I’d get something like “20 YEARS IN THE MAKING” on my abs. No, it doesn’t actually take that long to lean out in the first place. But what you’ll notice in my #10yearchallenge post on Instagram is that I’ve kept them for a long time – not to mention making serious progress on other meaningful areas like training pursuits, family, and business.


I don’t expect any of these things to develop overnight, and I never promise instant results to anyone at my gym either. But I also understand what it’s like to be itching to move in a different direction. We enjoy the pleasure of novelty — our brains light up. A sixty minute elliptical snooze fest is definitely not going to revolutionize fitness, and you’d have to be seriously committed to take on a strength program like “Boring But Big” – no matter how well it worked.

The funny thing is that even variety can get old. People who have been doing fitness classes for years know this feeling. The workout may change daily, but the speed is always the same: full blast. Take your overall weekly stress bucket of catty coworkers, grouchy family members, upcoming bills, car troubles, whatever — and add five all-out workouts that leave you groaning on the floor every time. No wonder your pile of freshly laundered Lulus is still in the drawer, untouched.

What I always think about is the pursuit of the consistently sexy. The holy grail of workout plans, that will keep you feeling like you’re getting results – and growing as a human being – but won’t burn you up and spit you out to hop into the next hottest thing. The one that satisfies you not for 30 days, but for years.

And tomorrow, we’ll dive deeper into exactly what to do to fall in love with your workout – with a simple tactic to try right away for yourself. Let’s get you some tingles of excitement back, without the band-aid quick fix that won’t last.

What’s missing in your current workout plan? Is it lack of variety? Is it a plan at all? Is the intensity too much, or too little?

Talk soon.