5. Dual Kettlebell Rack Split Stance Isometric


5. Dual Kettlebell Rack Split Stance Isometric

The Dual Kettlebell Rack Split Stance Isometric is performed by taking a split stance which is defined as the distance your stride must be such that when the knee drops to the floor, both knee joints are at 90 degrees. While in this stance you will raise the back knee off the floor 3-6” while holding two kettlebells in the front rack position. Your weight should be distributed equally on the forward and back leg. Maintain an upright posture and remain as static as possible for the duration of the set.

Pairs Well With

Glute Bridge Dumbbell Floor Press – A terrific combination of posterior chain strength to compliment the curtsy step down, along with a foundational open chain upper body horizontal push that can help to connect the athletes awareness to the shoulder blades.

Three-Point Dumbbell Row – A simple upper body horizontal pull that doesn’t require too much core or posterior chain control to perform correctly and a nice compliment to a lower level single leg drill either for warm ups or motor control pairings.

General Notes and Progressions

  1. We take a step in the movement hierarchy to honor isometric contractions. These types of contractions are important to place at the foundation of the movement hierarchy.
  2. Be sure you can perform this unloaded too before grabbing your first set of KB’s. Even a goblet loaded position might be a good first place to start loading.
  3. You can begin very light and work to increase the load of the kettlebells in rack position.
  4. Once a 45sec isometric on each leg can be performed with an 8-12kg kettlebell in each arm, then the athlete can move to the next position.

Common Mistakes

  1. Loading up the front leg too much and putting the weight in the ball of the forward foot. This loads up the quadriceps as opposed to engaged the full leg and posterior chain.
  2. Holding a forward leaning posture as opposed to an upright posture. The load will try to pull you forward and therefore this is a common fault when loaded.

Tempo Suggestion

No Tempo – Aim for 30-60sec Isometric Holds in this position

Movement Consideration

  1. Warm Up
  2. Beginner muscle awareness and motor control