Easing back into things

My long lost brother. See the resemblance?

My long lost brother. See the resemblance?

Last weekend was a high. The weeks leading up to the competition had the most hours I’ve ever dedicated to training in them. It wasn’t unusual for me to train twice, even three times a day. It was a long building process to get there, but by the time the OC Throwdown was around the corner I felt pretty much totally adapted to the training volume and lifestyle. So then the competition happened and it took a little toll on the body. Monday and Tuesday were uncomfortable to say the least. Wednesday was the first day I noticed my back was bugging me a little bit from the weekend.

What was going to be next for me and my training? What is the next goal? There is about 5 weeks until the start of the CrossFit open. My sights are set on top 48 and an invitation to the NorCal Regional CrossFit Competition. That event is most likely going to take place some time in May. That leaves a little over 3 months until Regionals with the long and grueling Open process in between.

Would my coach tell me to jump right back on the high volume wagon? My mind had gotten used to that and my life has been organized around those necessary hours to train. I felt excited to get back to work. The lingering high from the competition was saying “get back to work, so much to do, so little time.” So my antsy self starts asking my coach what’s next. And to my surprise I find out that what is next is a noticeable decrease in training. In the moment I was a little panicked. But some wise words from my coach settled me down.

“Climbed a big hill and biggest mistake most make in past is riding feelings and emotions into more work”

That is exactly what I was prepared and ready to do. But now it is Friday. Five days after the final workout finished. I’m tired, back is still a little tweaky although not too bad, I may have caught a little of Megz cold, and for the first time in weeks it feels like I’m coming back to my computer with time to spare. I’m going to work just as hard as ever for these next couple weeks, just fewer times a day. And I’m going to continue my mental preparation for this season which promises to be exciting. So glad I have a coach that has vision, experience, and most of all my back.

Training – 12pm

A. Squat snatch; build to a max
260 *pr and stoked to break into the 60’s
B. EMOM for 12 min – 2 squat snatch @70% of A
complete at 185, felt really snappy. really focused on sweeping bar back into my hips as I pulled from the floor. felt my knees pushing back further than ever before.

5 rounds for time:
100 meter farmers walk 2 pood
6 wall walks
-11:30 (grind the whole time. minimal rest on the first few sets of wall walks. last two rounds my forearms and shoulders were so pumped and I ended up taking a few breaths before each rep. farmers walks were unbroken for first 3 rounds then had to take a quick break to shake out the grip)


As I mentioned above my back is bothering me just a bit but didn’t notice it all today snatching. Thats a good sign.

Exciting weekend ahead. TJ’s Gym is hosting the Norcal Master competition. GOOD LUCK to all the competitors and a special Good Luck to all our TJ’s Gym members competing. And last but not least, a big Good Luck to defending champion and my partner Allison Belger. Kick Ass!!!