FBB: Persist

Functional Bodybuilding Programming Subscription

Are you winging it in your workouts?


It happens – even to me. I was in between coaches recently, and even after decades of experience as a coach and athlete, writing my own workouts was NOT pretty. After spending all day taking care of my athletes and supporting the coaches on my team, not to mention all the other responsibilities going on, it’s tough to put something together for yourself that doesn’t cherry pick around your weaknesses and also gets you actually making progress on your strength, conditioning, and skills.


We’re exposed to endless workouts online – you can go on my Instagram and grab a ton. Throw a little main site programming here, a little competitors programming there…and you’ve got yourself a whole lot of random variance and not a lot to show for it. Are you really getting stronger? Fixing your imbalances? Increasing your efficiency and quality in how you move?


The thing is, building these things can feel boring. When you have a delicious menu of spicy workouts to choose from, it’s hard to settle for basic back squats week after week. That’s why we escaped the confines of the globo gym to get upside down with handstand walks, or fly on the rings, or demystify the elusive Olympic lifts.


As you may have had a taste of already in some of our programs, there’s another way. Building strength and better positions doesn’t have to feel boring! With Functional Bodybuilding we can sample a constantly evolving menu of movements, loading implements, pairings, and patterns that give your brain the fun of new challenges, while nurturing your body too. Take the guesswork out of patching workouts together and put Functional Bodybuilding progressions to work – and finally unlock that comfortable overhead position, line up your squat imbalances, nurture your bum knee, and more.

What About Conditioning?


We may call our style Functional Bodybuilding, but there’s a lot more to it than endless bicep curls (nothing against curls – we love those too). FBB is where you can find the sneaky workout that leaves you sweaty, pumped up, and feeling like a sexy beast – without the soul-crushing burnout or overuse injuries that prevent you from living the rest of your life to the fullest.


Instead of redlining every workout, put the quality movement you develop with Functional Bodybuilding to use to move efficiently, avoid injury, and learn intelligent pacing that helps you go long and strong. FBB is filled with increasing effort sets, strength breather work, endurance-based grinders, and purposeful intensity that builds you up, not breaks you down. You’ll get every bit of the feelings you love from working hard and sweating out your stress – but the day after, you’ll actually be ready to hit it again instead of walking down the stairs backwards from soreness and overuse.


Still Want to Do Class?


Sure, FBB sounds great, but you still might want to jump into a class or competition, whether regularly or once in awhile. The power of community in helping you stay motivated and enjoy your fitness is undeniable. Fortunately, you don’t have to choose! Like Base Camp, FBB: Persist is a 3x/week program with workouts designed to fit into about an hour time frame. This means it can stand on its own if your life is hectic and you prefer to train minimally, but you can also still incorporate other classes or recreational workouts without getting crushed by too much volume. The workouts are released a week at a time via TrueCoach (we’ll set you up with your own account), so you’ll be able to plan ahead.


How Is It Different?


With FBB: Persist, you will get:

  • Functional Bodybuilding progressions that develop your strength and movement quality – instead of random workouts done as fast as possible
  • A huge variety of challenging movements and tempos – instead of the same burpees, wall balls, and rowing over and over again
  • Unilateral strength and structural balance to improve your positions – instead of hoping those nagging issues will one day fix themselves
  • Sneaky, sweaty conditioning work that works your pacing abilities and WON’T burn you out – instead of an extended stay in the pain cave hotel that does nothing for your long game
  • Warmups that explore new positions and build strength and skill – instead of useless PVC pass throughs that bore you to tears
  • Addictive programming designed to help you LOOK GOOD MOVE WELL – on an ongoing basis! With the ultimate flexibility to start and stop your program any time.


Say bye bye to burnout and become the best mover in the room – your body will thank you!


How Does It Work?


After you register, we’ll set you up with a TrueCoach account to begin the program on the next Monday following registration. You’ll be able to log into TrueCoach and see a week of programming at a time. Each workout comes with warmups, strength/structural balance, and conditioning, with demo videos and places to record your results and notes.

You can manage your subscription via the My Account section of our website, and cancel or pause your subscription at any time. No risk, no obligation!

Price: $49 USD/month