This collection of warm ups is a journey through some of the most fundamental Functional Bodybuilding movements and positions that have been researched, tested, and proven. Our aim to do more than just “warm up” the body. In fact, we believe that a carefully crafted movement series executed before training can accomplish the following:

  • Prehab – Adequately move the bodies joints through ranges of motion in progressive loading patterns to protect against injury in training
  • Increase Skill – Give athletes opportunities to improve motor control in a variety of movement patterns, thereby increasing movement skill and coordination
  • Optimize Performance – Activate the Central Nervous System before training in such a way to help elicit an even great training response and improve performance within the session

In my years of coaching Functional Bodybuilding and executing thousands of movement complexes and warm ups, some movement themes have emerged that make their way into these warm ups. Themes that recur in these warm ups do so because they serve a particularly important global purpose in the development of great movement. They have proven to be effective at keep clients and athletes Looking Good and Moving Well (#lookgoodmovewell).

  • There is a dominance of upper pushing vertical positions in these warm ups because it is a position that is not explored enough in daily life and deserves daily attention. Activities of daily life for many individuals don’t demand reaching above the head. Therefore we take care often in our warm up series to hit this movement pattern.
  • Core focused movements that specifically target the abdominal wall and coordinate the large muscles of the trunk are common. Prehabbing and preparing for training should follow a core to extremity approach much like functional movements. In getting the core to fire we help set a proper firing sequence for movements that come later in training, and we help to wake up the CNS and raise the body temperature.
  • Lastly, there is almost always a movement that targets the musculature of the hips or the scapula. These are the stabilizers for the major motors of the body. The hip and shoulder control what happens in the extremities. We almost always want to ensure the supporting musculature of these joints, the stabilizers, are ready to go and awake. Bring extra awareness to these muscles as you go through this series.


Equipment considerations (Rower/Assault Bike/Run/Jump Rope) – Some warm ups call for any one of these monostructural cyclical exercises. They are mostly interchangeable and serve as a way to promote blood flow around the body and get the breathing rate up. Whenever possible utilize the exercise that is specifically called for; however, if you lack that piece of equipment then substitute with one of the others as necessary.



Perhaps one of the most ground breaking aspects of Functional Bodybuilding is the ability to forge deeper mind muscle connection through our unique style of lifting and our diverse exercise library. There are a few places within training where we have found the mind muscle connection to be easiest to connect with. Those places are when there is an absence of or limited intensity. Warm ups are a perfect place for this. We haven’t started getting intense in our training yet and we encourage you to really take a deep dive into “feeling” the movements and what muscles they connect with. By deepening your mind muscle connections you can and will unlock greater control, stability and power.


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Category Descriptions:

  1. Getting Started – Looking to break into FBB Warm Ups with a few straightforward and easily accessible combinations to start with, we have you covered.
  2. Limited Equipment – Don’t want to monopolize a ton of equipment for your warm up? Want to put a large group through a warm up and don’t have a ton of equipment for everyone? These warm ups utilize very little equipment and are just for this purpose.
  3. Extra Core Burn – Sometimes you want just a little extra direct core work in your session. These warm ups have at least 2 or more good core movements to give you that extra burn. Don’t worry, countless others are full of good core movements too! These are just extra special.
  4. Rump Pump – Posterior chain activation is a key theme throughout FBB Warm Ups. This selection of warm ups gives a little extra attention to your booty and will provide that extra booty burn on days you need to get that posterior chain to wake up!
  5. Advanced Movements – While the majority of FBB warm ups include movements that work for all levels of athletes, there are a few that will challenge your skill. This collection has 1-2 movements that are above average in complexity.
  6. Jumping Ability – Follow this track on days you want to work your jump or landing abilities with variety of different jumping skills and exercises.
  7. Gonna Make You Sweat – On those days you just want to move and sweat without thinking about rest periods or the clock too much. This collection of warm ups has you start the clock and just move. They are a great way to build an aerobic sweat and pre-condition the cardiovascular system for a conditioning dominant workout ahead.
  8. Tweaky Shoulder – For those days that your shoulder or elbow is feeling a little tweak, give this track a try. These FBB Warm Ups in particular will focus on getting the upper extremity and shoulder moving through a wide range of motion and hopefully help that tweak feel just a little better. Always be smart in loading these areas if you are feeling tweaked.
  9. Tweaky Hip/Low back – If you are like the majority of people who experience the period low back or hip pain then this track might be a nice option for you on those days. They are gentle on these areas and can help get some blood flow and movement to the affected area. Always be smart in loading these areas if you are feeling tweaked.
  10. Feeling Beat Up and Sore – For those days that you are just generally sore and feeling a little beat up from too much volume or intensity. Get the full body moving without too many contractions that will place a high demand on the body. Add more sets or rounds to these FBB Warm Ups and use them as active recovery if you are going to skip training as a result of being so sore and beat up.