February Summer!

Anyone been in Northern California this week? Specifically Marin County. It is like summer around here. I think we had multiple days in the 70’s. I seriously doesn’t even get that hot in June. I was working my tan several days in a row in preparation for my trip to Arizona to visit the OPT camp. Something about warm weather and the birds chirping early in the morning that reminds me it is about the time of year when the competitive CrossFit season really gets under way. My mind is focused on what I need to do in the upcoming months. I’m taking the time to prepare and schedule my life to allow for the hard training and work to take place so that I can succeed. My body is playing a little catch up however. Nagging knee, then the calf bugging me from running a little bit, and the ever present back is just whispering at me a little. But I’m staying positive and hoping that with the change in attitude and mental focus that my body will catch up very soon and start cooperating with my mind.

Our minds are very powerful things. I’ve seriously seen people in the gym do things they have never done before simply because they didn’t let their mind stand in the way. For example, you tell a client to lift a weight and don’t tell them what it is. They easily step up to the bar and PR a lift that they have been stuck at for months. By simply not knowing what they were doing and just giving their best effort they were able to overcome a mental block. Or how about when your ankle that has been bothering you for weeks suddenly stops bothering you because your mind got distracted by the wrist tweak you got today in training. Too much focus in one area, the wrong type of mental energy in another area, it can all hold you back.

Well it is the time of year in this sport of fitness when it all has to start jiving. Your head game, your physical game, your preparation for both, and the support you surround yourself with all have to be aligned. I’m ready.

Friday AM Training

AD 30 min @ Z1
-225 watts average – felt good to get at this early again. Anthony kept me company on the bike and we chatted movies. Watched Flight last night with Denzel. Thumbs up!

Friday Mid AM Training

A. Hang Power snatch from below the knee; build to a 3rm
*felt pretty shaky on my knee. it has been bothering me a bit and as you can see I had it wrapped for these last couple sets. I think if my knee was better I may have had another 5-10lbs in me. But as you can also see my footwork got sloppy.

For time:
80 wall balls unbroken
30 CTB chin ups unbroken
100 DU’s unbroken
20 burpees unbroken
6:27 (probably took a little to long in between WB and CTB, also CTB and DU. didn’t get close to failure on either. dropped right into burpees and banged them out quick status. watching the video my rests between each of the movements was 55sec approx. way too much. now I know)


Friday PM Training

10 min amrap:
1 rope climb (did 2 climbs to 12″)
3 parallete hspu
50 meter farmers walk 100#/h
-6 + 1 + 3 + 25m
Basically did everything unbroken. Did a 25m turn around on the farmers walks. Nothing was too hard to keep a move on. Happy with breathing. Could have kept going for another 10mins probably at a similar pace.


Saturday AM Training

Run 5 min @ Z1 warm up
200 m @ 90%
walk rest 1 min x 6
:39, :38, :38, :38, :38, :38
400 m @ 90%
walk 90 sec x 4
1:19, 1:19, 1:19, 1:22
Walk 15 min @ Z1 cool down
Felt Great running today. 400’s picked up speed a little from last track session. Calf started to act up on me on the last 400. Bothering me on Sunday too. Gonna see how it goes on Monday with easy 200’s.

Saturday Noon Training

A. Power Clean and jerk; 2 reps on the min for 15 min @73% 1rm
230lbs – good hard work. felt quicker and more confident than last week. jerks were much better. been watching weightlifting videos on youtube like crazy lately. yes, i get better by watching other people lift weights.

Row 500m @70% – 1:54.5
Rest 30 seconds
Row 500m @75% – 1:49.9
Rest 1 min
Row 500m @80% – 1:43.5
Rest 2 min
Row 500m @85% – 1:36.6
Rest 3 min
Row 500m @90% – 1:32.2
Rest 4 min
Row 500m @95% – 1:30.0
Rest 6 min
Row 500m @100% – 1:27.9
*Suns out Guns out! Rowing out in the parking lot to lay some base tan for the long season ahead. All my training partners were busy doing a 90min Ass Kicker while I did my measly 7 x 500. By the last two sets I envied them a little bit. Things started to get hard on 85% set. final 500m started off as 1:24 and at the 250 mark there was no hope at keeping my splits down. i think it ended up as high as 1:31. Happy that I had enough control to drop my splits consistently at the end. Good numbers to have for future reference. Did the locked leg walk around the gym for a few minutes after the last 500. Felt just like an all out 1k. 

20min Z1 Cool Down on AD