Filly Freak: Become a Unilateral Wizard

Filly Freak: Signature Moves for Serious Gains

Functional Bodybuilding is all about the sweet spot where the best of bodybuilding meets purposeful movement – and you can’t mention bodybuilding without the great Arnold Schwarzenegger coming to mind. He made a lasting impression on me with his dedication, year after year consistency, and his unrivaled competitors attitude. He popularized the Arnold Press, a superb dumbbell lift that works a large range of motion, promotes strength, and helps maintain mobility.

When my coach started prescribing me a Single Arm Arnold Press with a KB Front Rack Hold in the non working arm, I fell in love. That became my favorite lift, so I named it the Filly Press.

Since then we have expanded the Filly library to include other exercises that have a Static KB Rack hold. This week we are including the Filly Lunge in our Functional Pump Complex. Additionally, in other emails and programs we have released the Filly Carry.

Because of the KB Rack Isometric that is held throughout all the exercises, the shoulder blades and rotator cuff get a great dose of muscle endurance training. These exercises have build a tremendous amount of shoulder stability for me and clients over the past couple years. Get those upper back muscles to look ripped and jacked with a few Filly Lifts in your arsenal.

We were excited to see a Filly Lunge appear at the 2018 Reginoals competitions in Event 5 – this type of move is a useful training tool for a variety of athletes and is also a fantastic challenge for the elite. Give it a shot!

Weekly Warmup: Unilateral Prep for Bangin’ Bilateral Moves

Assault Bike 8mins
*every 2mins get off the bike and perform the following movements:

A1. Skater Walks x 10 steps forward and backwards
A2. Dumbbell Single Leg Cross Body RDL x 6-8/leg 2011 Tempo
A3. Single Arm Bottoms Up KB Overhead Carry 10m/arm

Practicing unilateral movements throughout your warmup can not only strengthen imbalances from side to side, but also translates to more power when the two sides reunite. See if you can feel the difference in your later bilateral work when you have a thorough unilateral-focused warmup first.


Complex: Kettlebell Confidence in the Rack and Overhead

Here is a Functional Pump Complex that pays tribute to the introduction of the Mixed Rack Overhead lunge we are seeing at Regionals. We have long been using this here at FBB and it has been affectionately called the Filly Lunge for some time.

Dual KB Snatch
Alternating KB Push Press
Filly Lunges (switch arms half way)