Functional Body Composition

“I work out and I’m pretty fit. So why don’t I look like it?”

If you’ve done high intensity workouts until you’re blue in the face, you still might not have abs or the chest, back, or arm definition you want.

At the same time, you demand variety and fun from your workouts. Doing the same push pull split like the billions of gym goers out there would spin you into mind-numbing boredom. There are only so many podcasts you can listen to when grinding out workouts you don’t enjoy – even if it got you shredded.

What if you could follow a proven plan to look sexy – without the boredom of repetitive workouts?

The formula for a great bodybuilding plan isn’t a secret. In the 90’s, Charles Poliquin changed the fitness game with German Body Composition, a method of strength training with lots of time under tension and decreasing rest. In my own journey through bodybuilding and weightlifting, using these methods along with simple changes to my nutrition was the game changer that helped me drop a ton of body fat and get ripped for the first time ever. 

Over time in my decades of coaching, I repeated this method with great success for a number of my clients. But because classic German Volume Training demands a lot of focus combined with challenging strength work, it is unsustainable on its own for a long period of time. Even the most dedicated clients got hungry for a change once they achieved their aesthetic goals – and I experienced the same during my own training, even while appreciating how potent these methods are for changing body composition.

Changing the way your body looks – while still getting stronger and still enjoying your workouts – demands the best of both bodybuilding and functional fitness. I saw a need to combine elements of Functional Bodybuilding for variety and athletic performance with German Body Composition for aesthetics.

Introducing Functional Body Composition

If your goal is muscle mass and definition, this program gets straight to the point with the specific recipe for success. Detailed strength sessions will take you far further than a class that aims to do “a little bit of everything” all in an hour.

“Isolation work? Yeah I should do some of that…”

Typical classes or functional fitness workouts will underscore isolation and accessory movements in favor of performance. But this type of strength work will not only improve your body’s appearance, but help you stay out of injury by building stability and control in your movement. Instead of tacking on accessory work when you have a bit of time here and there, every element of Functional Body Composition is designed to get you jacked – and keep you moving well.

If you tend to find bodybuilding boring, fear not! The strength sessions will demand your focus, but the warmups and muscle endurance work use the Functional Bodybuilding approach to give your brain a tasty snack and break up the demands on your body. The overall design will challenge your strength, and balance your session to leave you feeling amazing when you walk out the door and looking forward to your training tomorrow.

What You’ll Get

  • Ebook with 8 week program: 5 workouts per week (60-75 minute sessions).
    (If you are looking for a Functional Body Composition training subscription, we include that in the Persist program)
  • Warmups for every session
  • Strength and complementary conditioning work
  • Nutrition recommendations
  • Demo videos for every movement 

Try Functional Body Composition with no risk – all our programs come with a 30 day guarantee.

Does it have metcons/conditioning?

Yes. As with all FBB programs, we always have a purpose behind our conditioning. In FBC, we use a specific subset of conditioning workouts that will build muscle endurance to compliment the body composition focused hypertrophy lifting we are doing. Additionally there will be one day that highlights some Interval Gymnastics Work for one controlled dose of weekly intensity specifically designed to complement the rest of the week.

Can I see a sample session?

You bet! We send sample training all the time to our email list – here’s a sneak peek of Functional Body Composition.

What equipment will I need?

Functional Body Composition uses standard functional fitness equipment, such as barbell and plates, pull up bar, bench or box, dumbbells, kettlebells, and aerobic equipment such as rower, assault bike, etc. You do not need to use every piece of equipment exactly as specified to get a ton out of this program! Substitutions are encouraged if you don’t have what you need.

Which program should I choose?

The answer mostly depends on your primary goals and how often you train. Functional Body Composition’s main focus is aesthetics and for best results you should follow it 5 days/week and not mix with other programs. If you want to train less often, or focus more on athletic performance or aerobic capacity, one of our other programs would be a better fit, or you can work with your own coach to design a custom program exactly for your needs. We are always happy to recommend a program if you email us at [email protected].

We also now include Functional Body Composition workouts in the Persist subscription if you want to train in this style ongoing.

What if I'm not satisfied?

We stand by all our online training programs with a 30 day money back guarantee.

What if I have questions?

Frequently asked questions on tempo, reading the workouts, and approaching the training can be found in our program participation guide. You can also post in our community Facebook group or email us at [email protected].