Exercise Selection

Bust Through Plateaus With the Power of Progressions

From Newb to Movement Maestro

Last Thursday at our weekly coaches meeting, the team and I rolled up our sleeves and focused in on three of our athletes at the gym. They’re twelve weeks out from a local competition that they look forward to all year, and we put our heads together to map a plan for preparing them to compete with confidence. Working backwards from the date and the goals in mind, thinking about how these athletes move, we came up with a progression to take them from here to there that will keep them getting stronger, moving well, and feeling like they’re gaining momentum without getting crushed by something too hard too fast. They’re going to develop the strength and confidence they need to compete, and our coaches know exactly what to do to support them.

Knowledge like this is powerful. As an athlete, it can help you make the switch from randomly trying tactics and workouts you see and hoping it clicks, to understanding exactly how to get a better squat, a stronger overhead position, or anything you desire in your training by connecting the dots and working progressively towards your goals. The power of progressions will guide you to:

  • use the right movement at the right time in your training
  • know when to introduce a more difficult movement – or an easier one
  • work your strength and positions with the right tempos
  • understand how to pair movements to hit all the right spots without overuse

Of course we all want to keep training hard and never take a step back in training when injuries or times of stress occur. But that’s just not realistic. With the power of regressions, you will also know how to:

  • simplify movements to develop better mobility, strength, and quality
  • avoid injury in times of stress
  • allow existing tweaks to heal
  • keep moving forward in the long run with your training by not doing further damage now

Coaches Need Tools Too

As a coach, it’s so frustrating when clients are ready for your help to see real results, but you know that with more and more random workouts, they’re only going to spin around in circles. When they plateau or reach the limit of their ability to move with quality, they come to you for answers. And more classes, more volume, and more time stretching and rolling around are just not going to cut it.

Imagine approaching workouts armed with the Functional Bodybuilding toolkit: a vast library of movements you’ll feel confident coaching, implementing, and progressing over time to help them see and feel drastic changes in how they move. In just a few weeks from now, you can dramatically expand your knowledge of Functional Bodybuilding movements to solve problems with:

  • bilateral strength, such as squatting or locking out overhead
  • side to side imbalances
  • mobility and movement restrictions
  • stability in small muscles and joints
  • poor movement quality overall

Both you and your clients can experience results like these:

I have noticed amazing changes in my body shape and it has given me renewed hope as the past two years I have felt stuck and have struggled to see any changes despite the effort I was putting in.

Most of my little nagging pains are slowly but surely going away while my body feels stronger for every day that goes.

I feel a noticeable improvement in movement quality. My back squat felt/looked great during heavy singles yesterday that would normally have me wobbly and unstable. I’m also really enjoying working through movements that are new to me!

In the coming months, more volumes of Exercise Selection will be released covering even more movement patterns and concepts, to level up your coaching and your own athleticism. If you’ve participated in our other programs and wanted to know more about the thought that goes into them, or want to dive deeper into movement-specific performance points and how to begin piecing them together, this is your opportunity to expand your knowledge.

What’s Included

Each volume comes with:

  • 25-30 movements in order of progression. The movements each have:
    • detailed, narrated demonstration video
    • points of performance and common faults
    • suggested tempo and movement pairings
    • considerations for how to use in a program, and when to progress
  • Coaching concepts, cues, and general considerations for the movement pattern
  • Visual reference library for loading and positions
  • Mobility work to assist in the movement pattern
  • 8-week training template (2x/week) to add on to your existing programming or use as a reference for how the movements work in a program. (Single Leg and Upper Vertical Push movements are paired together for the training template for these two volumes.)

Your Brain is Gonna Be So Buff

You could keep on peeping the ‘gram and stuffing your Saved library of posts, but investing in your knowledge, as a thinking athlete or as a coach, will get you far further in seeing the impact of all those hours you put in at the gym.

You could head to a seminar and pay a grand for nine movements and a pat on the back. But it would take you far further to have lifetime access to movement pattern progressions that will help you feel and understand how one step leads to the next. You can come back again and again, and once you master the concepts in these volumes, see how your own ideas fit into the Functional Bodybuilding movement vocabulary for limitless options.

And with our 30-day money back guarantee, you’ll have plenty of time to try the program and make sure it’s right for you.

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