Getting Started With Persist

Welcome to Persist!

While your TrueCoach account is getting set up (which may take up to 24-36 hrs), you can start right away on an introductory workout that will familiarize you with the concepts used in the program.

Choose either the full equipment or minimalist workout below, and if you have questions on anything the Knowledge Base has you covered.

We also have some information below on setting up and using your TrueCoach account once you receive your invitation. Enjoy the program!

As you’re getting started, here are some tips on how to navigate the program.

1:03 – how the two tracks relate
3:35 – if you can’t train all 5 days
7:00 – mixing bodyweight and full equipment days
7:35 – time management if you need to get it done fast

Intro Workout: Full Equipment

Click each section of the workout below to expand and see demo videos and notes.

Warmup & Notes


10 Alternating Goblet Curtsy Squat (5/leg)
5/arm Single Arm KB Overhead Walking Lunges – moderate load
5 Burpee to High Jump (get UP!)

Training Notes
Today’s workout includes a Grinder conditioning piece. I love combining isometric holds and carries into conditioning work. It is a safe way to get some additional strength and resistance training inside of a metabolically fatigued setting. When your body is under aerobic stress and contracting muscles with heavy carries, you get some really unique core training stimulus.

Olympic Lifting - Clean Squat Focus + Tempo

Olympic Lifting Skill Development – Clean Squat Focus
Every 90sec x 4-5 Sets:
1 Segment Clean Grip Deadlift 3131 Tempo
1 Segment Power Clean
3 Front Squats 21X1 Tempo

About Tempo

Controlling movements at different cadences is a concept used widely in Functional Bodybuilding to improve movement quality and stability, as well as to build muscle. The first number always indicates the eccentric (downward) part of the movement, even in a movement that starts at the top, such as a pull-up. The second number is the isometric hold at the bottom. The third number is the concentric (upward) movement, and the fourth is the hold or pause at the top before the next rep. Note the segmented deadlift video for a demonstration on how to execute the 3131 tempo here. For more information on tempo please see the Knowledge Base.

Cutting Edge Hinge Focus + About Supersets

Cutting Edge Hinge Focus

3-4 Sets:
A1. Deadlift; 20X1 x 3-5reps (tough)
rest 30sec
A2. Rower Hamstring Curls on Bench x 12-15reps (sub stability ball or sock/slider hamstring curl on floor if no rower)
rest 30sec
A3. Banded Russian KBS x 15 FAST (moderate weight)
rest 2 mins before starting A1 Again.

About Supersets

Rotating through a handful of exercises will not only keep your time in the gym efficient, but provide variety in your workout as well as eliciting specific responses for muscle development. Be sure to stick to the rest times as closely as you can, as these are intentional control points to keep quality high or develop your ability to do more work in less time (depending on the amount of rest prescribed). Need more guidance on how to choose loads for Functional Bodybuilding? Be sure to check out the Knowledge Base.

Grinder Conditioning: Core/Carry/Single Leg

Grinder – Carry/Core/Single Leg

10min Continuous:
30m Dual KB Rack Carry
30sec Ring Row Hold
30m Farmers Carry
10 Goblet Curtsy Squats

About Functional Bodybuilding Conditioning

Redlining every workout is a surefire way to burn out, and also detracts from movement quality. In Functional Bodybuilding we explore a wide range of conditioning approaches – some to develop your aerobic capacity, some to push your intensity, and some to allow your body to move well and build muscle mass at the same time with slower strength breather efforts. Expand your definition of what a “good workout” feels like and reap the benefits of these different approaches. See the Knowledge Base. for more on how to approach different intensity efforts.

Intro Workout: Minimal Equipment or Bodyweight

Click each section of the workout below to expand and see demo videos and notes.

Warmup + Training Notes

Upper Body Warmup
3 Rounds:
10 Prone Y Raise (with light weights or none)
10 Reverse Scapular Push-ups
30sec Bent Over Banded Row Isometric or Bent Over Scapular Retraction Isometric
10 Front Plank to Side Plank 5/side (hold 3-5sec/rep)

Training Day Notes

Building a complete upper body warm up using Functional Bodybuilding principles can have a profound impact on your training sessions. In my experience as an athlete and coach these warm ups improve training performance, reduce likelihood of injury, help to improve nagging joint pains, and develop better movement quality.

What are the key ingredients?

  • multiple planes of movement (push, push, vertical, horizontal, rotational)
  • multiple body positions (prone, supine, angled)
  • multiple approaches to using gravity (think about which way is gravity pulling your body and adjust the movement to different angles of that pull)
  • leverage isometrics (don’t forget to work on static holds)
  • consider using some load in the form of bands or weights if you have them (it is OK to use loading in a warm up, don’t just limit yourself to bodyweight prep)

Resistance Training

Upper Body Resistance w/ Intensity Focus

3 Sets
Dumbbell Z Press @ 4141; 4-6reps (see the full equipment workout for more on Tempo, or review the Knowledge Base.)
-rest 1min-
Strict C2B Pull Ups @ 41X1; 4-6reps
-rest 1min-
Glute Bridge Alt DB Floor Press @ 30X0 x 4-6/arm
-rest 1min-

Bodyweight Option:

3 Sets
Pike Strict HSPU 2020 x 4-6reps (see the full equipment workout for more on Tempo, or review the Knowledge Base.)
Yoga Push Up @ 40X0 x 4-6reps
-rest 1min-
Wide Hand Extended Reverse Plank Bridge x 45sec
-rest 1min-
Slide Board Archer Push Up Negatives 51X1 x 4-6/arm (use a sock or magazine if you don’t have a furniture slider)
-rest 1min-

Challenge - Muscle Endurance

Challenge – Muscle Endurance

3 Rounds For Time
21 Omni Grip Push Ups (7 reps Narrow, 7 reps Medium, 7 reps Wide) *scale down to 15 reps with 5/5/5)
30 Alternating Gorilla Rows (15/arm)
40 Double Unders

Bodyweight Option:

For Time
28 Bench Dips
9 Bodyweight Man Makers
21 Bench Dips
7 Bodyweight Man Makers
15 Bench Dips
5 Bodyweight Man Makers
9 Bench Dips

Finisher: Arms & Shoulders or Bodyweight Core

Arms and Shoulders Isolation Finisher

2-3 Sets
10 Dumbbell Bent Over Lateral Raise (or reverse banded fly)
15 Dumbbell Shrugs
10 Dumbbell Hammer Curl to Press
10 Dumbbell Halo
rest as needed between exercises

Bodyweight Option: Tabata Core Finisher

20sec – Star Plank L
10sec – Rest
20sec – Hollow Rocks
10sec – Rest
20sec – Star Plank R
10sec – Rest
20sec – Bent Hollow Hold
10sec – Rest
x 2-3 Rounds


Upper Body Cool Down
Thread the Needle Pose 90sec/side
Twisted Cross Pose 90sec/side
Bench T-Spine Mobilization 60-120sec hold

Using TrueCoach

Once you receive your TrueCoach invitation (please email us if you don’t see it within 24-36 hrs of registration) log in and set up your profile. You will see two workout tracks – one for full equipment, and one for minimal equipment with bodyweight options. Your training will start where we are in the program, so jump on in and use the message feature in TrueCoach if you have any questions for athlete support. You can also find many common questions in the Knowledge Base or in the Functional Bodybuilding Facebook Group. Athlete support typically responds within 24 hours. Once your training gets going you’ll see the workouts for the week on Sundays, so that’s a good time to look through and ask any questions to make sure you get a response in time for training.

You can set up your preferences for email notifications through the web interface of TrueCoach, and there is also an app version available for iphone.

For general program questions or support with billing, please reach out to [email protected]. Thanks for joining Persist, and we’ll see you in the program!