Getting the Mojo Back

Nothing quite like a weekend of working 10-12hrs a day to get you sick. That and I think my body was finally coming down off the recent competition. Oh, and not to point fingers or anything, but Megan was sick first and maybe I picked up the bug from her. Either way I got officially sick. Doesn’t happen much but I’m certainly not immune to it. It was mild. Runny nose and just general fatigue. It made my Tuesday workout pretty tough to motivate for and I’m never the guy that has a hard time motivating for training. But it is now Thursday and I can breath easily through my nose. I’m starting to feel like myself again.

My back has been a little off ever since OC. Felt something when I was warming up for the Clean ladder. Thought it was nothing but it has hung around for almost two weeks. With that said I haven’t had to change up my training at all and it hasn’t held me back in my workouts. I just feel it and I have to be conscious of taking good care before and after training.

Training Monday – Noon

A. Squat snatch off high blocks 2, 2, 1, 1, 1; rest 2 min
176, 198, 209, 214(f), 214 – These were so hard. I placed the blocks higher than I have before and the bar was more or less in the high hang position on all my lifts to start. Had a hard time being fast under the bar. Frustrating
B. Split jerk 3, 3, 3; rest 2 min
264, 286, 308 (1, f, f) – Actually felt pretty strong today in this but got a little sloppy at 308. Need some work at lower percentages to get my footwork dialed. Also felt like the weak link here was shoulder stability at the moment my arms locked out.
C. Front squat @32×1, 3-5×3; rest 2 min
242(5), 262(5), 262(4) – Don’t really care about the numbers when I front squat. All I care about is finding good position and grinding through tough sets. This was great. Last two sets were so hard. 

D. 45 muscle ups for time
6:44 – Aiming to beat my old time and was successful by 10sec. I know it is improvement but I really thought I could do better. Last 15 reps were slow, 10 were singles. Tried to do 3’s as long as possible, then 2’s, then 1’s. Wanting the HSPU and MU endurance to elevate to another level. 


Training Tuesday – Noon

A. Power clean 7 sets x2 reps @70, 75, 80, 70, 75, 80, 85% 1rm; rest 2 min
220, 235, 250, 220, 235, 250, 265
B. Clean pulls 3, 3, 3; rest 2 min
285, 295, 295

Deadlift 315#
parallete hspu
-15:57 – OUCH! I knew this was going to get slow. Pretty much all singles afte the the first 10 reps. Deadlifts were broken up into sets of 5 or 3. Just chipping away at reps. Feels like my HSPU endurance isn’t what it used to be. Felt this at OC throwdown in final chipper.


Training Part 1 Wednesday – 11am

Row 30 seconds @85%
Row 30 seconds @50%
156-159m each set. Felt strong and when I finished and rested about 5mins I was ready to hit another set. 

Training Part 2 Wednesday – 3pm

10 min amrap @85%
Run 200m
10 burpees
– 7 Rounds Even
Rest 5 min
10 min amrap @85%
Row 250m
10 no push up burpee box jumps 24″
– 5 Rounds + 250m + 4 npbbj

*All 20mins felt very consistent. Pace started off at 85% and never changes. All my splits on the rower and bbj were roughly the same. Quads got very pumped and fatigued on part 2. 

Taking a rest day today and will be back at it tomorrow. Still trying to find necessary equipement for a workout tomorrow with 150# stone/ball ground to shoulder along with 100# farmers carries/hand. Let me know if you have the necessary equipement for this workout and wouldn’t mind letting me train with you.