Goodbye AZ, Hello MV

My short visit to Arizona has come to an end. The 72 hours were a blur. I touched down in Arizona at 3:30pm on Monday afternoon and left almost exactly 72 hours later at 3:00pm on Thursday afternoon. In between some pretty great things took place. Here are some of the highlights.

– 6 separate athletic testing sessions that covered a wide range of skills and capacities. Most painful = 10min Airdyne. Most rewarding = 10min Airdyne. Go figure.

– Gained 6lbs. How did this happen? There is a Vortex at Danny’s house that causes people to either gain weight, or in Danny’s case, maintain massive amounts of lean tissue.

– Relaxed during the daytime for more consecutive hours and days than I have since I was in Mexico lounging on a beach for my cousin’s wedding.

– Stayed up past my bedtime every night. Don’t think my head hit a pillow before 10:30pm on any given night.

But I have to say the best highlight were the off hours and evenings spent with the folks that live here and were visiting. Wednesday evening, my final evening here, was spent at a Sushi restaurant with the gang. One thing you can be assured of when you go out with this group is laughter and there was no shortage at all. You can also anticipate large quantities of food being consumed. Of course the recommended Sushi restaurant was an “all you can eat” type establishment and everyone took full advantage of the endless sushi rolls. Victory goes to Danny. And of course since it was a asian fusion restaurant with I think 1 chinese item on the menu, they had to take the opportunity to doll out some fortune cookies at the end of the meal. Brandi’s had this to say and I couldn’t agree more.

“A good evening is one spent in good company”

Day 4 Testing

Part 1 – 3 Attempts at Each
Broad Jump – 8’8″
Vertical Jump – 23.75″
Seated Med Ball Toss – 26’7″
Reverse Shot Toss – 38’4″

Part 2 – 12min Timer
A. Row 2K for Time – 6:55
B. AMRAP KB Snatch in Remaining Time (53#) – 96 reps
*Athlete is awarded 15 extra reps for a sub 7min 2K (+15) – 111 reps


Day 5 Testing

Part 1 – 7am
For Time
50 Turkish Get Ups (53#)
40 Toes 2 Bar
30 Wall Walks
20 Burpee Pull Ups (8′ Bar)

Part 2 – 1pm
For Total Time
20m-40m-60m Shuttle Run
rest 30sec, x4
– 206 Seconds


Part 3 – 1:40pm
For Max Calories
3min Airdyne
– 106 Calories


And that’s a wrap folks… Happy to be home and relaxing for the weekend. See you all next week with my next edition of training and life.