Great New Friends

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So this week I was excited to take a couple of days off to go learn some new things. Make time to grow. I took my own advice from a few blog posts ago and set aside some time to go and learn, change my routine, and be around some new people with new energy.

From Monday night until Wednesday afternoon I spent about 14 hours with a group of 60+ male and female athletes from all over the west coast. At the end of the three days I walked away having met some amazing folks. I felt inspired about my own fitness path, about the upcoming months of training, about the coaching and career I have chosen, and the possibilities for the future. My fitness family just grew this week and I’m thrilled to have new friends.

The week also had some training involved. The first week in a long time that my training wasn’t totally programmed by my coach. Took a couple day break to go and have someone new guide my workouts.

Monday AM Trianing

Row 1 min @ 1:45/500 m
Row 1 min @ 1:58/500 m
x 3
Row 1 min @ 1:40/500 m
Row 1 min @ 1:58/500m
x 3
Row 1 min @ 1:35/500 m
Row 1 min @ 1:58/500 m
x 3
Row 1K cool down

Tried my best to do this as a 18min piece. In hindsight I probably should have broken it up and taken some rest.

1:45/1:58 was successful for all sets
1:40/1:58 was able to hold first set, then 1:58 slowed on second set, then last set was a real fight but hung in there
– took a minute to recover before starting third wave
1:35/1:58 was able to hold first 2mins, then after that recovery 1:58 turned into rower handle down and feet out of the straps. 1:35 was always there.
*this was brutal.


Build to a Heavy Single in the Snatch – 255 (missed 265 a couple times). Just wasn’t feeling it. My knee wasn’t feeling all that great. Late night of lifting and late to bed. 

Tuesday AM Training

AD 30 sets
30 sec @ 90%
30 sec @ 50%
Watts for each set – 408, 424, 424, 424, 439, 439, 439, 455, 455, 455, 472, 555, 455, 472, 472, 455, 455, 472, 489, 489, 472, 472, 489, 472, 489, 489, 489, 472, 506 probably felt best when I settle into that 472 pace. Recovery pace was sub 100W

*Sandbag Carry 150m between sets

7min AMRAP

8 Push Jerks (155)
10 T2B
40 Double Unders
– 5 Rounds + 18 Reps (borrowed a jump rope from someone that broke in round two, about 20seconds lost finding a new rope)
1min Immediately Following to get 1 Max Unbroken Set of Hang Power Cleans
– 15 reps (waited way to long to start this. rest the first 45sec and then hammered 15 in last 15 seconds. should have started earlier)

Wednesday Training AM

run 5 min @ Z1
run 20 sec @ 90% aer high temp0 400 m pace
walk rest 40 sec brisk walk x 6
run 400 m @ 90% aer effort
walk rest 60 sec x 4
(1:22, 1:22, 1:22, 1:24)
run 5 min @ Z1 cool down
*felt great to get on the track. just enough work for my first day back running to feel good and not over taxed. 


3 Rounds for Time
8 Power Snatch 115
7 Bar Muscle Ups
400m Run
– 7:56 (unbroken)
*didn’t rush on transitions, running felt pretty good, always felt good coming back into the gym to pick up the bar


Snatch Doubles off low blocks – worked up to 185 with a focus on catching deeper and more balanced in the bottom of my squat. shut it down there because my knee just wasn’t feeling great.