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The Most Popular Class at Your Gym

Gyms and groups around the world are lighting it up with fun, functional training that promotes quality movement and cures burnout. If your clients chase relentless intensity or have unaddressed imbalances, Functional Bodybuilding group programming brings a fresh take on training that is created specially for the timing and equipment needs of your gym so your clients can look good and move well — and so you can relax. Based on Awaken Training Series but tailored for the logistics of a group, this class will move participants through a variety of movement patterns in a progressive way, so they can feel and see the difference week to week.

No need to spend hours programming a class that will allow clients to lower their intensity enough to get a great workout while still feeling energized for the rest of their day. FBB Group programming is appropriate for a wide range of abilities and movement limitations, with tempo and rep range control points to add stability while opening up new ranges of motion. Help your clients improve their aesthetics and gain strength without the stress of a competitive environment or a go-at-all-costs mentality.

What’s Included:

  • TrueCoach account with 3x/week program including warmup, strength, and conditioning (60 minute class)
  • Ability to take notes and ask questions as you go – post your questions into your TrueCoach account about setting up for classes, working around clients’ injuries or limitations, or implementing the program with your gym
  • Marketing materials to help you promote your class – social media images and copy to help promote your class. An introductory package is included, with more available upon request.
  • Functional Bodybuilding 101 course to further your understanding of Functional Bodybuilding concepts
  • 25% discount on Exercise Selection, which provides in-depth coaching information on Single Leg and Upper Vertical Push movement patterns
  • Additional discounts on future Functional Bodybuilding seminars
  • Official listing as a Functional Bodybuilding class provider


Sample week available – download here┬áto check out what 3 classes would look like.


How it Works

Program will begin on the first Monday following registration; we’ll set you up with a TrueCoach account as part of the program and send all the information you’ll need to get started. Your billing dates will be adjusted if needed to one month after the start date of your programming and monthly thereafter.

Subscription is month to month; cancel at any time with no fees, risk free.

Price: $99/month

Custom programming also available – fill out our inquiry form so we can learn more about your gym if you are looking for a more frequent class, or one designed for a particular audience with special needs. Individual custom programming is also available.

Questions? Email [email protected].

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