Help For Handstand Pushups

Have you ever been frustrated by feeling like your pressing strength doesn’t translate upside down? Whether strict or kipping, hollow body position + vertical force is tough, especially combined with the stress of being inverted.

If you’ve been following us on Instagram @revivalstrength or @functional.bodybuilding, you’ve seen a lot of accessory movements, but it’s hard to cover how, when – and most importantly, why –  to use these movements in a short post. So we’ll be sending more in-depth tips to you by email from time to time.

Give these two movements a try and see if they help you feel stronger in your handstand pushup.

Double Kettlebell Z Press

Why: The seated L set up forces a hollow pressing position, which will help isolate and strengthen your shoulders.

How to: On pressing days, try it at a 2112 Tempo for 6-8 reps x 3-4 sets, resting 2 min. between sets.

Single Arm Dumbbell Arnold Press w/ KB Rack Hold

Why: Develop scapular stability for a stronger foundation to press from at the bottom of your handstand pushup. The Arnold press allows for multiple pressing angles to be trained that can help through the variety of points in the closed chain range of motion involved with handstand pushups.

How to: Instead of using tempo here, focus on great range of motion for 6 reps/arm x 4 sets, resting 60 sec. between arms.

How did it go?
Be sure to tag us @revivalstrength or contact us to let us know how it went. What do you struggle with in your training? We’re also taking suggestions for future tips.