Hips and Core – And More


When in doubt, get your hips and your core working before training. It is the single fastest way we have found to get that core body tempo up. Holding core isometrics along with using big movers like the glutes and hamstrings will have you stripping your layers rather quick. This warm up hits the posterior chain and anterior chain for a back to front wake up call! Enjoy.

A1. Banded Hip Thrusts; 30X2*; 8-10reps; rest as needed x 3
A2. Bent Hollow Hold; 30sec Hold; rest as needed x 3

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* Tempo is read, using this example, as:
3 seconds eccentric (lowering)
0 seconds isometric/hold (bottom)
X fast concentric (upwards)
2 seconds isometric/hold (top)


For Max Load Unbroken Complete the Following:
KB Reverse Lunge R
KB Rack Step Up R
5 KB Reverse Lunge L
5 KB Rack Step Up L
15 KB Romanian Deadlifts
30sec Rack Squat Hold

*This is a lower body pump bonanza. For the step up we suggest choosing a box height that is just beneath the knee cap when you stand next to the box. Remember to do all the reps on one leg first before switching. Right leg reverse lunges mean that the left leg goes back and you are working with the right leg to complete the rep. On step ups the leg on the box is the working leg. For the rack squat hold keep that upper back tight!