Hot. Functional. Skills.

By the end of today’s warmup, you will:

  • Build heat and increase blood flow to feed your muscles and tissues with nutrients
  • Mobilize to prep for squatting as you move
  • Develop skills that can transfer to handstand walking and get you ready for your workout – two for one

Let’s get started!

Today’s warmup, sampled from Awaken Training Series 3.0, is Not For Time. We don’t want you rushing these and in our experience, even when we write “Not for Time,” folks will still tend to push themselves a little in movements that they can. So just take a breath, be present, and don’t rush. Let the energy build as you go.

3 Rounds – Not for Time

Assault Bike .5/.4 Miles
20m Goblet Loaded Duck Walk
Hollow Body Wall Walks 
14 Wall Facing Shoulder Taps

The style of warm up this week is all about using blood flow from the Assault Bike to help warm up the body and generate heat. Breathing and building the aerobic system up in any warm up protocol is a great way to start the delivery of nutrients to the muscle and tissues you are going to use in training. Blood carries energy and nutrients in the form of oxygen, sugars, amino acids, and fats. We want this to be mobilized through cyclical aerobic work like the Assault Bike used in this warm up. Don’t fret if you don’t have a bike; you can substitute running or rowing.

Our second movement is a Duck Walk with a kettlebell held in the goblet position. The training session ahead is pretty heavily focused on squatting. The duck walk serves as a terrific mobility and core activation exercise to prepare for the demands of a back squat. Your hips and ankles get a great stretch through this movement. By adding the goblet you are going to train your core and upper back muscles as well. This is one of the best ways to get my ankles ready for squatting.

The final exercise complex is a Wall Walk into Wall Facing Shoulder Taps. We love choosing exercises for warm ups that accomplish tasks like preparing the shoulders for what lies ahead. But even more important is that those movements also provide an opportunity to develop a skill that has translation later on. In the case of the shoulder tap you are working on single arm inverted balance and that has direct carryover to handstand walking down the line.

So in conclusion, during the simple process of “warming” up your body, you just practiced a skill, worked on your mobility, and mobilized nutrients through your circulatory system to your muscles.

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